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Pictured is UGGs Classic Ultra Mini Boot. These shoes have become a popular piece of clothing around school. Photo by: Vail Newman

What’s trending in winter fashion?

Ava Blau-Grinsel February 19, 2024

What are students at VHS wearing for the winter season? With the weather getting colder, many students have begun altering their wardrobes to better suit the temperature. Even though the weather change...

I love my knitted sweaters and stiped sweaters, said Malia Callahan 24. Graphic by: Elizabeth Gallo

Opinion: Say goodbye to summer, in style

Elizabeth Gallo October 6, 2023

Autumn is officially here, so the fun of fall fashion is near  October is here. Whether or not the weather will cool, many VHS students feel ready to dress for the season. You may be thinking that the...

Prom dresses were displayed in front of the SAP room, across from the office. Photo by: Lourdes Almalab

SAP gives students a variety of prom dresses for no cost

Lourdes Almalab May 9, 2023

The SAP closed out its prom dress drive The VHS SAP’s goal is to allow students to feel heard and accepted and is led by counselor Sheri Werner. The SAP room provides a place for students to relax...

Penelope De Soto 24 said, I like how [my bag] doesn’t have a zipper and I can just easily access the things in there. I also don’t like how backpacks feel on my back. Graphic by: Belen Hibbler

To use purses or backpacks?

Why do some students use purses over backpacks at school? Kids have brought backpacks to school with them since the late 1940s, are they still just as popular today? In a Time article “A Brief History...

Ballet-core consists of a color palette of baby pink and other soft, pastel colors, emphasizing the delicate and dainty persona placed around ballet dancers. The picture on the right shows the reality of a ballet dancers outfits. Graphic by: Ava Mohror

Ballet dancers vs. “ballet-core”: How accurate is the aesthetic to the art?

Ava Mohror and Belen Hibbler February 10, 2023

“Ballet-core,” or coquette, has been blowing up on social media, but how do real ballet dancers feel about this representation of their lifestyle? With the rise of social media app TikTok, fashion...

VHS students Isaac Ramirez 23, Carlos Simbara 25, Cody Joseph Ortiz 24, Brianna Hames 25, Alessia Moreno 25, Johanna Rames 25 and Ansleigh Foster 25, left to right, all wear one-size-fits-all clothing. Photo by: Lia Hersh

Opinion: What do VHS students think about the one-size-fits-all trend?

Lia Hersh, Santiago Gonzales, and Christopher Morrison February 2, 2023

In the eyes of VHS students, are one-size-fits-all clothes a hit or miss? Lately, the “one-size-fits-all” clothing trend has risen in popularity. We wanted to know VHS students’ opinions on it.  The...

UGGs have reinvented themselves to be up to date with 2022 fashion trends. Graphic By: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: Are UGGs overrated?

Kendall Garcia January 23, 2023

Since the winter season is here, VHS students and staff are breaking out their winter wardrobes The brand UGG, often referred to as “UGGs,” is a unisex shoe brand specializing in “Uggs,” an Australian...

Juniors and sophomores, left to right: Dylan Garcia (11th), Joey Reynoso (10th), and Jacob Frites (11th). Garcia is wearing a red hoodie, with light grey sweatpants and red with white Nikes. Reynoso is wearing a red champion hoodie with Elmo peaking on top of the lettering. He matched it with light blue jeans and white shoes. Frites is wearing a black Columbia jacket with dark grey pants and black vans. Photo By: Gisselle Garcia

Fashion On Campus

Gisselle Garcia February 11, 2022

Baby tees, lingerie tops, low rise jeans and jean skirts are currently some of the most popular Y2K trends. Graphic by: Ava Mohor

Blast from the past, or stay in the past?

Ava Mohror October 21, 2021

Fashion has faced major changes over the past couple of years. “New” trends are taking inspiration from previous decades, most heavily centered in the late 2000s to early 2010s. With these trends returning,...

Sophomore Kaylee Philips thrift shopping in downtown Ventura at The Arc Foundation thrift store. The Arc Foundation donates proceeds to the Arc of Ventura County, an organization that helps those with disabilities. Photo by: Ava Mohror

“Oh, I thrifted it!”

Ava Mohor October 21, 2021

Thrift shopping is quickly growing in popularity, how do Ventura High students feel about contributing to the “thrifting” industry? Popularity for thrift shopping has grown rapidly over the past few...

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