How does social media affect teen relationships?


Jack Schatzman

Checking social media too much makes an unhealthy habit that could develop into FOMO. Photo by: Jack Schatzman

People have always scrutinized each other’s lives on social media, whether it’s the photos people post or who they decide to hang out with. The same scrutiny falls on relationships, from who people decide to date to what they decide to do and post about it on social media. Social media can have negative effects on our young and impressionable minds. Things like peer pressure and bullying, which are rampant in many online communities, can cause a lot of insecurity and stress for a recent couple.

“I don’t think you should put all of your relationship on social media, some parts should stay private,” said freshman Alina Reitz. “Most middle through high school relationships end thanks to social media and how it affects a person’s behavior or how they act on it. Even people in stable relationships are worried that their partner could be talking to other people behind their backs,” added Reitz.

65 percent of Ventura High School students have been or are in a relationship, and almost 30 percent of students cited social media platforms as playing a substantial role in maintaining and ending their relationship.

Sometimes followers or viewers could handicap you or potential suiters. Photo by: Jack Schatzman

On the other hand, social media can definitely have positive effects on relationships. Couples can keep in contact with each other to strengthen their relationship even when they’re apart. And posting pictures of dates they’ve gone on with their significant other relationship going-ons.

On holidays like Valentine’s Day, people who are in relationships post about their significant other and how they feel each other. “Social media has never affected any of my relationships, current or in the past,” said freshman Nidia Mercado. In some relationships, like Mercado’s, social media isn’t even a problem; it’s just a tool to communicate.

In some cases, however, social media can be a negative force that can put a lot of pressure on a relationship. “Posting stuff on social media makes people judge you and the person you are with or were with, and people will try and get between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend. So yes, it is sometimes a bad thing to have,” said an anonymous sophomore.