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Bomb threat causes explosion of chaos

Drawing by: Charlotte D'Orsi

Charlotte D'Orsi

October 25, 2019

A Threat made on ASB Instagram page prompts Police Department investigation  On the week of Oct. 7, all VHS-affiliated social media accounts were urged to change their passwords and disable comments as a result of a bomb threat being commented on the Associated Student Body Instagram page. As well, so...

TikTok is taking over

TikTok is taking over

Shannon David and Jocelyn Lee

October 22, 2019

Students are finding fame on the popular app TikTok TikTok is the popular social media app formerly known as that has found its way into the hands of teens all over the world. This app allows individuals to create short videos of them lip-syncing to popular songs, or any other kind of ...

Does social media define popularity–VHS students give their thoughts

Does social media define popularity--VHS students give their thoughts

Tatum Luoma and Sam Hicks

May 14, 2019

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Why parents shouldn’t have social media

Why parents shouldn't have social media

Sailor Hawes

April 20, 2019

I will admit, I am guilty of being a social media crazed teenager. My life is constantly filled with updates from Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even Facebook. And now it seems that my parents have joined the trend. My parents claim that they joined the lovely worlds of Instagram and Twitter to “...

Editorial: Do you want fame from social media?

Freshman Alina Reitz. She hopes she will get noticed for fame. Photo taken from Alina's instagram : @alom0ndcreature

Caroline Marsden

March 29, 2019

Fame, like most things, has many different views upon it. What better way to get a genuine opinion on fame than to ask students who are growing up in a world perpetually filled with the influence of it. Fame is a difficult subject, because there are many perceptions of it. What is fame? Does everyone...

How does social media affect teen relationships?

How does social media affect teen relationships?

Jack Schatzman

March 11, 2019

People have always scrutinized each other’s lives on social media, whether it’s the photos people post or who they decide to hang out with. The same scrutiny falls on relationships, from who people decide to date to what they decide to do and post about it on social media. Social media can ha...

The common trend of deleting social media

The common trend of deleting social media

Janelle Chavira

October 4, 2018

There are a wide variety of social media platforms that are used day to day for people to be expressive of who they are as an individual. Whether it be posting pictures, tweeting thoughts or snapping a moment to post and share for others to see in a time frame of 10 seconds or less, the platforms offer...

Opinion: Does it go down in the DMs?

Seniors Aguilar, Brittle, and Valadez all using technology to communicate with others. Photo by: Paris Carmody

Hailey Cox and Paris Carmody

March 6, 2018

Social media can play a big role in relationships. Many Ventura High School students may use social media to show off their relationships in a positive way, but there can be a bad side to using social media as well. Sophomore Aidan Moran feels that “Social media is bad for the dating society ...

Opinion: A Video or a death sentence?

Aguilar states,

November 17, 2017

Imagine this: an underage student is drinking an alcoholic beverage. They are already putting themselves at risk. Then, another student takes out a phone and presses record. Not only is it recorded, but then it gets posted on social media for the world to see. Why in the world would stud...

Can you be roasted for what you’ve posted?

Social media logos pictured. 
Photo by: Sarah Clench

Acacia Harrell and Summer Yovanno

November 17, 2017

Social media has become an integral part of society, especially for high school students. According to a Pew survey taken in 2014/2015, 94 percent of teens who go online with a mobile device, do so daily. Moreover, 71 percent of teens use multiple social media platforms, where they post pictures, videos, an...

Opinion: No, parents, Snapchat is NOT for what you think it’s for

Opinion: No, parents, Snapchat is NOT for what you think it's for

November 8, 2017

I have had a number of my peers tell me that either their parents don’t allow them to have Snapchat, or that they were not allowed to use Snapchat in the past. It’s evident that parents seem to think that Snapchat is an evil place where teenagers send codes through slang and inappropriate pictu...

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