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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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The Pinterest Logo in a new light showing all the beautiful parts of Pinterest. Drawing by: Belen Hibbler

Opinion: Pinterest isn’t dead

Avea Baker February 28, 2022

 Pinterest is a social media that has been lost in the dust, but I think it needs to come back   Recently, I feel like Pinterest is slowly joining the graveyard of old social media that no one...

Senior Martie Pecht said, “[COVID-19] Misinformation is very harmful and can be very deadly so I think people should be penalized for it.” Photo by: Olive Kranzler

Opinion: Social media platforms need to stop COVID-19 misinformation

Alejandro Hernandez and Olive Kranzler February 10, 2022

The virus of ignorance that spreads online In today’s day and age, most of our information comes from online sources. The validity of facts online has often been misleading, but what about when it comes...

Freshman Isabella Brito hiding her Snapchat behind her backpack in Mr. Billers third period math class. Photo by: Brody Daw

Is social media rotting us from within?

Brody Daw November 12, 2021

According to VHS students, negative mental health is a result of the drastic impact of social media “TV will rot your brain.” Many have heard this quote, but does it actually, and is it the same with...

This data from Statista shows engagement in social media has been steadily increasing since 1977 when it was invented. Graphic by: Olive Kranzler

Opinion: Sleep vs Snapchat

Olive Kranzler October 8, 2021

Teens are historically tired, but is social media affecting their sleep schedule? Many VHS students feel tired. This isn't a new phenomenon, teens have been lacking sleep since the dawn of their existence....

Many BookTok users create various things to celebrate milestones in the community or to express their love for it. The pink was chosen for the background because its a color that is associated with kindness which is what many users say describes the community. Graphic by: Tyler Lopez

Opinion: TikTok’s BookTok Community

Tyler Lopez October 6, 2021

VHS students share their thoughts on the popular subsection. The rise  of TikTok communities have given TikTok users solace during the pandemic with its various options. It has given people spaces to...

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, or @thatveganteacher, on TikTok. She describes herself as an animal rights activist and is a former teacher. Photo by: Rowan Munoz

Opinion: That Vegan Teacher’s Swan Song

Rowan Muñoz September 30, 2021

 TikTok’s siren for vegans, homophobes and racists On TikTok’s For You Page, there are a plethora of educational videos swimming about the algorithm, but one channel sticks out from the rest: That...

Drawing by: Charlotte DOrsi

Bomb threat causes explosion of chaos

Charlotte D'Orsi October 25, 2019

A Threat made on ASB Instagram page prompts Police Department investigation  On the week of Oct. 7, all VHS-affiliated social media accounts were urged to change their passwords and disable comments as...

TikTok is taking over

TikTok is taking over

Shannon David and Jocelyn Lee October 22, 2019

Students are finding fame on the popular app TikTok TikTok is the popular social media app formerly known as that has found its way into the hands of teens all over the world. This app allows...

Why parents shouldnt have social media

Why parents shouldn’t have social media

Sailor Hawes April 20, 2019

I will admit, I am guilty of being a social media crazed teenager. My life is constantly filled with updates from Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even Facebook. And now it seems that my parents have...

Freshman Alina Reitz. She hopes she will get noticed for fame. Photo taken from Alinas instagram : @alom0ndcreature

Editorial: Do you want fame from social media?

Caroline Marsden March 29, 2019

Fame, like most things, has many different views upon it. What better way to get a genuine opinion on fame than to ask students who are growing up in a world perpetually filled with the influence of it....

How does social media affect teen relationships?

How does social media affect teen relationships?

Jack Schatzman March 11, 2019

People have always scrutinized each other’s lives on social media, whether it’s the photos people post or who they decide to hang out with. The same scrutiny falls on relationships, from who people...

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