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Gavin Cross

Having a relationship in high school is a good life experience that could teach you lessons for the future.

Some people look down upon high school relationships, saying things like, “Oh, you have your whole life ahead of you. Why waste your young years by getting tied down so quick?”

Others would agree that having a relationship during your high school years is good to have at some point because, who knows, maybe you’ll find the right person during that time. Life is unpredictable. Of the 1015 students that answered The Cougar Press’s Sex and Dating Survey, 1008 answered the question, “Have you ever been in a relationship?” Out of those, 833 students, or 82 percent, either answered “yes” or that they “have had ‘things’ and/or unofficial relationships only.”

According to this data, most students have been in a relationship at Ventura High School and could say they’ve had the experience. Whether you and your significant other have been going strong for years, or you prefer staying out of relationships, it’s cool. But being in a relationship in high school could be a good opportunity to learn lessons to use later in life.

Just enjoy your time in high school and do what makes you feel right. But remember, no one wants to see tongues flying in the hallways, so keep it PG. Tim Schooler, a junior at VHS, was asked what his opinion on dating in high school was. Schooler responded, “Dating in high school can be a good thing. Interacting with someone and forming a good relationship can be very beneficial, especially when you need someone to talk to about what is going on in your life.” When asked his thoughts on keeping relationships going past high school, he said, “[I think] relationships going out of high school are a great idea as long as you and your partner are on the same page and are happy with each other.”

Dating in high school is a good experience to have. High school is a pretty stressful time for the most part, and it’s always nice to have someone that’s there for you when no one else is. Going through a relationship is good preparation for the future.