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Is APES the move for next year?

McEntyre in action during his AP Environmental class. photo by: Hailey Cox

Hailey Cox and Paris Carmody

February 5, 2018

Chances are, most students have probably been in a class of theirs and heard other students talking about “APES,” and wondered “What do they mean by that?” APES stands for Advanced Placement Environmental Science and is taught by Teacher Jared McEntyre, who also teaches Honors Biology and...

Opinion: Everything wrong with homework

Junior Delaney Valdez hard at work to finish her homework for the day! Photo by: Avenlea Russian

November 6, 2017

Sometimes, one hour a day just isn’t enough. Therefore, homework is a valuable tool for teachers to use in order to make sure students practice the work they learned that day, as well as further their knowledge on various subjects. Teachers, I feel you… But if you assign over an hour of homewo...

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