Opinion: Everything wrong with homework


Junior Delaney Valdez hard at work to finish her homework for the day! Photo by: Avenlea Russian

Sometimes, one hour a day just isn’t enough. Therefore, homework is a valuable tool for teachers to use in order to make sure students practice the work they learned that day, as well as further their knowledge on various subjects.

Teachers, I feel you… But if you assign over an hour of homework a night, I don’t agree with your morals and suggest that you rethink your curriculum, and maybe life.

My planner so I can plan out the excessive amount of homework I get! Photo by: Avenlea Russian

Yes, I understand that I am in an Advanced Placement class that is mimicking a “college course.” However, I’ve taken a college class so I know what it is like and it isn’t that bad.

Why are you torturing me for nothing? By the way, nobody is forcing me be at school by 7.30 a.m. while taking said class either, but that is another story.

Junior Paige White is taking five AP courses and shared that her homework takes her around five hours a night. “[I don’t] always get to finish it, but [I do] enough to keep my grades up,” White stated.

There is also a right and wrong way to give out homework. Homework should not be tedious busy work to just simply assign. I want homework to entice me and not necessarily be reviewing what we learned in class, but building off of the knowledge we already got from our hour in class.

Poll from Twitter: @thecougarpress

And weekend homework is pure evil. I work both days and pray my manager lets me off work early Sunday night so that I can finish my homework and hopefully go to bed before midnight. I usually don’t have much weekend homework, but when I do… Oh, boy!

Homework over fall break was especially terrible. I was on vacation, going to historical monuments and learning new things. Yes! I was learning over break-voluntarily- and not in the bubble of the high school world.

Junior Delaney Valdez hard at work to finish her homework for the day! Photo by: Avenlea Russian

I was also visiting colleges and having to do homework every night. Fall break is a break, not some big excuse to assign homework.

I’m not trying to call out anyone in particular, but I haven’t gotten a day to purely relax and not worry about school work in basically an entire century. Is this my own fault and should I take responsibility? Probably, but let me have a moment.  

I am not necessarily hating on homework and I personally don’t hate school either. I just prefer the moderation of assignments because after all -AP or not- it’s still high school.