Taking steps to bring the spirit back to VHS

ASB students back on campus for small groups. Photo by: Ann Larson

ASB students back on campus for small groups. Photo by: Ann Larson

Jocelyn Wood

A look inside what’s been going on with ASB during distance learning.

“Most people think of ASB as poster making and organizing dances. Those are definitely big parts, but overall I would say ASB is here to help set the ‘tone’ of the school. Dances, lunchtime activities, Friday announcements, blood drives, pep rallies are all part of it. We are also responsible for student to administration communication (there are ASB members in PTSA and on the School Site Council). Frances Kayser, our ASB President, is responsible for attending the School Board meetings and presenting to the Board what is happening at VHS. ASB also approves ALL financial transactions for the school,” stated Ann Larson, the ASB Advisor. 

ASB is a well known class that is very hands on and tries to connect with everyone on campus. Due to transferring to online learning, the aspect of the class has changed. “I think we had a little rough start from transferring from in person activities and then coming up with these new ideas where we had to distance and talk online. But I do think right now we’re getting into the flow and coming up on it,” said sophomore Mateo Navarro. 

With it being the start of the second semester, we have already seen some of the virtual projects ASB has done. “We have done a TON of things with Social Media. We did a live pumpkin carving contest on Zoom which was a success. We are in the middle of Counselor Appreciation Week right now where we are doing things on social media but also our small groups are making posters and yard signs for the counselors and also cookies in their mailboxes,” said Larson. Many of Ventura High’s classes, sports and clubs have taken to social media to spread information to keep their connections strong with students during this time.

ASB has class every Monday and Thursday where they discuss their up coming plans. Photo by: Ann Larson

Online school has created so many new obstacles and it can be hard. “In general, I don’t mind doing it virtually. It’s not that bad, I feel like it would be obviously much better if we were in class, but I mean it could be worse,” said sophomore Ella Ulrich. Luckily for ASB and many other classes on campus, small groups have started up. 

When asked about what they were most excited for with meeting in small groups, Larson said,  “Being around the kids!! I love the energy, the happiness of kids. It will be nice to do some things that are not virtual. Being in a room where communication is so much easier, where ideas can flow smoother. It is hard on zoom, where only one person can talk at a time. ASB kids talk a tremendous amount!! They are ‘idea people’ and the face to face interactions allow for that so much better.” Larson and many of her students are very much looking forward to getting some social interaction put into their week. 

The ASB Advisor also mentioned some of the classes’ upcoming plans stating, “We actually have several things planned. Our Valentine Grams for teachers come out next week. We are looking to do some virtual spirit days, an art contest, spotlighting seniors, some fundraisers, and a bunch of other things.” Ulrich also said, “We’ve been doing a bunch of different things, we’ve been trying to get the students involved in more activities. We’ve been doing spirit days, and we have many new ideas for semester 2.” With all the obstacles that came with online learning, ASB has been finding new, innovative ways to keep the class going strong. They will continue to work as hard as ever and have many exciting projects coming up.