Opinion: That Vegan Teacher’s Swan Song


Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, or @thatveganteacher, on TikTok. She describes herself as an animal rights activist and is a former teacher. Photo by: Rowan Munoz

Rowan Muñoz

 TikTok’s siren for vegans, homophobes and racists

On TikTok’s For You Page, there are a plethora of educational videos swimming about the algorithm, but one channel sticks out from the rest: That Vegan Teacher. Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, or known as @thatveganteacher on social media platforms, is a TikTok creator and self proclaimed animal rights activist. Diekmeyer has been active on the internet since July 2018, when she created her YouTube channel. Diekmeyer has posted videos both on her TikTok and YouTube accounts, the latter she is currently most active on. Diekmeyer first came to the media’s attention in July 2020, after a song of hers on TikTok, named “Eating Animals Is Wrong, McDonalds” went viral. In February 2021, Diekmeyer was permanently banned from TikTok, but is rumored to be still running accounts on the platform.

When asked about what he thinks about @thatveganteacher, sophomore Jake Gentry said: “She puts a problem she thinks is bad and then puts another bad problem that is actually bad and compares it to that…she compared veganism to the Holocaust, like killing animals is as hurtful as Holocaust.” In my opinion, Diekmeyer’s content has been blatantly manipulative and controversial. She is trying to provoke people in a bothersome way. For example, Diekmeyer used racially targeted profanity in a March 2021 YouTube video, entitled “Are You Racist?” In that video, she used the N-word, among other profanities.

@thekoreanvegan, or Joanne L. Molinaro; a food blogger and attorney. Here she is preparing a korean dish while sharing a story. Photo by: Rowan Munoz

So, if you want to follow people who are more knowledgeable and engaging to watch, here’s one TikToker I recommend you should follow: @thekoreanvegan. @thekoreanvegan, or Joanne Lee Molinaro, is a Korean-American attorney and food blogger. On TikTok, Molinaro regularly posts personal stories of her life and family while sharing and making Korean dishes. Some of the stories Molinaro has shared include her family escaping North Korea and how it feels like to be a Korean woman living in the diaspora. Molinaro also posts videos of life lessons and discussions about self-confidence, trust and love; xenophobia, sexism and racism.

Compared to @thatveganteacher, Molinaro is more captivating and interesting to watch. Molinaro is straightforward, serious about her topics and stories and comforting to watch. Sophomore Savanna Nustad was asked what she felt about Diekmeyer, she said: “From the videos I’ve seen, because I’m not vegan, they are super propaganda but I think they are really funny.” But, I think @thatveganteacher has some qualities that make her likable to watch. Diekmeyer’s singing abilities are subpar, she has evidence on what topics she is talking about and she is genuinely into what she explains or sings. In conclusion, @thatveganteacher lacks what @thatkoreanvegan succeeds in, being more affable and wise. Again, Diekmeyer is banned from TikTok, but you can still find her on YouTube. Recently, gamer YouTubers TommyInnit and SSSniperWolf became strewn into Diekmeyer’s grasp on being vegan, but that’s for another time.