The library has a sign for the first time


The new library sign above the doors. In the glass window is the old handmade sign by teacher librarian Susan Adamich. Photo by: Kendall Garcia

Kendall Garcia and Ace Rico

Ventura High School’s library welcomes its first official sign

On Nov. 30, the library got a brand new sign funded by the PTA. The library previously only had a small handmade sign taped to the back of the glass door made by VHS’ teacher librarian, Susan Adamich.

Adamich said, “[The new library sign] is beautiful. I love the lettering and the style. I don’t know [who designed it], but the PTA paid for it. They got somebody to design it and I know it has been years that we have been talking about having better signs on campus. [Before] when you would go to the office and look down here [towards the library] it just looked like a blank door. Now it says library a lot clearer [,so people can see it way better].”

Adamich made it clear that the library has never had an actual sign.

Some consider the office sign to be hard to see from a distance. VHS staff are hopeful of getting a new sign for the office, just like the library. Photo by: Kendall Garcia

Adamich said, “I was even thinking of just painting the word library by myself onto the wall, seriously. [This] is not an easy school to navigate by [just looking].”

It has become an idea within the VHS faculty, such as the counselors and a handful of teachers on campus, to add more of these signs around campus. For example, labeling places such as the office and the cafeteria with signs in a similar style.

“A couple of the teachers say, ‘well why don’t we have these signs all over campus?’ And I think that’s in the plan [for the future] because [now that the library has a sign]. If you look down to the office, it just looks like a blank door. The only thing the office has [for identification are] the small letters that read office on the glass door. You can barely read [the sign] because it’s see-through. [I am] hopeful of them getting signs like this all over campus. I would love it. And I’m sure visitors would appreciate it to help guide them around campus,” said Adamich.

Bailey Steen ‘25 said, “The library sign looks nice. It looks very sleek.”

Adamich said, “I think they did a good job with the sign. Let’s hope that nobody tries to vandalize it because [I really like it].”