Opinion: What do VHS students think about the one-size-fits-all trend?


VHS students Isaac Ramirez ’23, Carlos Simbara ’25, Cody Joseph Ortiz ’24, Brianna Hames ’25, Alessia Moreno ’25, Johanna Rames ’25 and Ansleigh Foster ’25, left to right, all wear one-size-fits-all clothing. Photo by: Lia Hersh

In the eyes of VHS students, are one-size-fits-all clothes a hit or miss?

Lately, the “one-size-fits-all” clothing trend has risen in popularity. We wanted to know VHS students’ opinions on it. 

The one-size-fits-all trend became popular around 2019, especially with the popularity of the clothing brand “Brandy Melville”, which strictly sells one-size-fits-all clothing. But not everyone can fit in these clothes, the actual sizes aren’t for everyone. 

Tops at Brandy Melville range in length from around 18 inches to 22 inches, while the bust is 16 inches to 18 inches. The “oversized” product’s lengths range from roughly 28 inches to 32 inches, while the bust ranges from 22 inches to 28 inches.

 This trend is more like “one size fits most,” if you ask us. If we were to walk into the Brandy Melville store and try on a one-size-fits-all item, and it doesn’t fit, we wouldn’t feel good about ourselves. When it says it is supposed to fit everyone, and it doesn’t fit us, we would feel abnormal, and people should feel good about themselves and their bodies. 

Ne’John Rice ‘26 said, “Yeah [one-size-fits-all clothing should fit everyone], as long as you wear a belt to keep your pants up.”

Rice said, “I would [wear one-size-fits-all clothes] but it depends on what type of style and what the body positivity statement is. I don’t want to be disrespectful and unfashionable at the same time. I think people wear this type of clothes for fashion more than comfort because I know I do. Some people just like baggier clothes more, and it’s sort of a trend right now and I think it is comfortable and fashionable honestly.” 

Kinzie Shuman ‘26 said, “I really don’t mind [one size fits all clothing], I like the idea of it. It’s not very hurtful to people. But everyone is all different sizes and not the same.”

“[One-size-fits-all clothing] cannot fit everyone. All people are all different sizes, everyone’s bodies are physically different. Like, different shapes, colors, and sizes. [I think people wear one size fits all clothing for] comfort because some people like baggier clothing. I don’t think people wear it for fashion because it may not fit them,” Shuman said. 

Mel Shawgo ‘23 said, “[One-size-fits-all clothing] is a bunch of crap honestly. This type of clothing is just false marketing one hundred percent. There is just no genuine way that one size can fit everybody. […]It may fit onto people’s bodies but that doesn’t mean it will fit them comfortably […]. It’s not gonna look the same on everyone.”

Students Delany Polous ’23, Ani Fermanski ’23, Caleb Gordon ’23, Mark Velthoen ’23, Jacob Crouch ’23, Harry Solomon ’23, Henry Rose ’23 and Jeremy Longmore ’24, left to right, wear one-size-fits-all clothing. Jeremy Longmore says “One size fits all clothes are comfortable” Photo by: Lia Hersh

“Personally, I don’t have the type of body that is one size fits all. Especially if we are talking about brands like Brandy Melville, I don’t fit that type, so it is 100 percent not for comfort. […] I think the [one-size-fits-all] label is discouraging because, if it doesn’t fit you, you are going to think, why don’t I look this way? Why can’t I fit into these clothes? Why am I not built like these models? And in my experience, those thoughts make you feel insecure about your body,” Shawgo said. 

Shawgo said, “The fact that [Brandy Melville] don’t make sizes is limiting their market so much so I don’t even know why they would be doing it because they are able to get a wider range of customers […] It’s stupid and just plain bad marketing.” 

We don’t like one-size-fits-all clothing, but you should wear whatever you want to. We hope that people feel comfortable enough to wear whatever they want all the time. One-size-fits-all clothing, from what we’ve learned, is uncomfortable for most people. So we would not wear one-size-fits-all clothing. For us, comfort is more important than fashion.