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Cade West 25 said,  This is not the boba truck owners fault. Photo by: Isabel Andrade

Boba Truck at lunch, a disaster

Lily Brown and Isabel Andrade February 23, 2024

Why was there a boba truck if almost everyone in line wasn’t going to get any? On Feb.15, VHS had a boba truck come on campus during lunch break. The truck that came by was called Boba+Bites. Many people...

Pictured is UGGs Classic Ultra Mini Boot. These shoes have become a popular piece of clothing around school. Photo by: Vail Newman

What’s trending in winter fashion?

Ava Blau-Grinsel February 19, 2024

What are students at VHS wearing for the winter season? With the weather getting colder, many students have begun altering their wardrobes to better suit the temperature. Even though the weather change...

Some students think Christmas should be celebrated as soon as possible while others think its best to wait. Graphic by: Ava Blau-Grinsel

Opinion: Too early for Christmas

Ava Blau-Grinsel November 18, 2023

How soon is too soon for students to begin thinking about Christmas? Many students think Christmas is the best time of the year, while others could care less about it. There are also students who have...

Lilly Montecino 26 participating in Bring Anything but a Backpack Day for Homecoming spirit week. Photo: Meray Touma

Opinion: Back to back spirit weeks

Meray Touma November 11, 2023

What are the students’ opinions on the spirit weeks?  According to ASB advisor Ann Larson, this is the first time, VHS had two back to back spirit weeks. The first spirit week was for the rivalry game...

LA Dodgers hats can no longer be worn at VHS. Graphic by: Sawyer Cameron

Opinion: Is banning the LA logo fair?

Sawyer Cameron October 11, 2023

Many single letter sport team logos are now banned at VHS VHS students returned to school this year to find that they can no longer sport the Dodgers logo. Students were brought into the grade assemblies...

Lockers are automatically assigned to underclassmen on the first day of school, which provides a secure and local place for storing equipment. Photo by: Nathan Lopez

Opinion: Some seniors are left locker-less

Nathan Lopez October 11, 2023

Where is your locker? Seniors who went to their orientation a week before the first day of school had the option to sign a piece of paper to request a campus locker. Now, a month later, some seniors are...

I love my knitted sweaters and stiped sweaters, said Malia Callahan 24. Graphic by: Elizabeth Gallo

Opinion: Say goodbye to summer, in style

Elizabeth Gallo October 6, 2023

Autumn is officially here, so the fun of fall fashion is near  October is here. Whether or not the weather will cool, many VHS students feel ready to dress for the season. You may be thinking that the...

There is a poster listing prom restrictions posted near the VHS Student Store to inform students of the steps they need to take in order to attend prom. Photo by: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: What’s going on with all the new prom restrictions?

Kendall Garcia and Kinda Mehael May 11, 2023

VHS has implemented new prom restrictions for students VHS’ prom, which is only for the upperclassmen on campus, is going to be held from 7:30 to 11 p.m. May 13 at the Camarillo Ranch House. The prom’s...

Socratic seminars are regularly used in VHS English classes for all grade levels, but the method is seemingly outdated. Graphic by: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: Get rid of socratic seminars

Kendall Garcia May 2, 2023

Socratic seminars in classrooms can be anxiety provoking for students and are negatively affecting the classroom environment Socratic seminars are a method used to try to understand information by creating...

Students have received very little proper sexual education. Graphic by: Soraya Stegall

Opinion: Let’s talk about sex-ed for all four years of high school

Sophia Nacu and Soraya Stegall April 25, 2023

Why barely one-quarter of sexual education at VHS just isn’t enough During their freshman year, VHS students are required to take a course in health. This class is paired with college and careers. Since...

Beanies are one of the many head accessories and items often prohibited in classes due to school-sanctioned head covering restrictions. Photo by: Santiago Gonzalez

Opinion: I don’t believe that the hat rule is still relevant, do you?

Is the hat rule outdated, and if so, how could it be better? There's a rule in the VHS student handbook stating that you may not wear hats in class upon a teacher's request. We are sure you have had to...

The list goes on and on for why dual enrollment will always beat AP classes. Graphic by: Lourdes Almalab

Opinion: Dual enrollment wins any day compared to AP classes

Lourdes Almalab March 7, 2023

Stop taking AP classes and start taking them at a college As an advanced placement (AP) student that has done Dual Enrollment at Ventura College to get ahead, I often question myself on why I do so much...

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