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A title card for a debate between the students who dont agree with the switch to Blackberry phones, and the people who believe that the Blackberries will be a good change. Graphic by: Christianity Montecito

Blackberries vs Smartphones

Christianity Montecito March 31, 2023

Is girth really better than length? Lots of big changes are coming to VHS at the end of the year, some affecting the school, others affecting the personal lives of students. One of these changes is replacing...

VHS administration will be placing these posters throughout the campus to remind students of the newly implemented ban. Graphic by: Munch

Bye, Bye Dye

Munch March 31, 2023

VHS School administration decides once and for all to place a ban on artificial hair dye and facial piercings, to create a uniform that inspires a distraction-free learning environment. On Jan. 25,...

The list goes on and on for why dual enrollment will always beat AP classes. Graphic by: Lourdes Almalab

Opinion: Dual enrollment wins any day compared to AP classes

Lourdes Almalab March 7, 2023

Stop taking AP classes and start taking them at a college As an advanced placement (AP) student that has done Dual Enrollment at Ventura College to get ahead, I often question myself on why I do so much...

The Garden drummer Wyatt Fletches is depicted in this illustration. Illustration by: Brianna Ramirez

Opinion: Is the new The Garden album “HORSES**T ON ROUTE 66” a hit or miss?

How do VHS students feel about The Garden’s new album? The Garden is a musical duo that has been making music since 2011, consistently having a unique style and spin on their music. The Garden consists...

Can straight men and women really be bestfriends? Their partners are almost always left wondering. Graphic by: Kinda Mehael

Opinion: Are girl or boy best friends harming your relationship

Sophia Nacu, Kinda Mehael, and Kendall Garcia March 6, 2023

What VHS students think about the person they told you ‘not to worry about’ Relationships in high school are already hard enough as is, but the debate regarding whether partners are allowed to have...

Social media stalking should be normalized, especially in our generation of technology. Graphic by: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: Is social media stalking socially acceptable?

Ella Duncan and Kendall Garcia February 17, 2023

Let’s be real; we’ve all done it Stressing because you accidentally liked someone's year-old Instagram post? It’s time to get over it. Whether it's due to curiosity, or pure controversy, stalking...

VHS students Isaac Ramirez 23, Carlos Simbara 25, Cody Joseph Ortiz 24, Brianna Hames 25, Alessia Moreno 25, Johanna Rames 25 and Ansleigh Foster 25, left to right, all wear one-size-fits-all clothing. Photo by: Lia Hersh

Opinion: What do VHS students think about the one-size-fits-all trend?

Lia Hersh, Santiago Gonzales, and Christopher Morrison February 2, 2023

In the eyes of VHS students, are one-size-fits-all clothes a hit or miss? Lately, the “one-size-fits-all” clothing trend has risen in popularity. We wanted to know VHS students’ opinions on it.  The...

UGGs have reinvented themselves to be up to date with 2022 fashion trends. Graphic By: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: Are UGGs overrated?

Kendall Garcia January 23, 2023

Since the winter season is here, VHS students and staff are breaking out their winter wardrobes The brand UGG, often referred to as “UGGs,” is a unisex shoe brand specializing in “Uggs,” an Australian...

Hannah Stamp 23 (left) and Malana Morton 23 (right) point to the tip jar at The Coffee Copper Pot Cafe. Teens with part-time jobs make money they can use on whatever they prefer. Whether it be their tips or their pay check, they have the freedom to manage their own money. Photo by: Lily Carnaghe

Opinion: What can teenagers learn from working?

Kendall Garcia December 6, 2022

Many students don’t need to work but should get a job anyways Jobs for teenagers offer a variety of skills that will help students in their adult lives.  Part-time jobs can help students learn about...

With the winter season right around the corner, seniors are becoming extremely susceptible to senioritis, juggling with the stress of the great unknown on the verge of adulthood. Drawing by: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: ‘Tis the season to be a senior

Soraya Stegall and Kendall Garcia November 29, 2022

 How is the class of 2023 juggling academics, college applications, extracurriculars and social life while on the brink of entering adulthood?  Oxford Reference describes senioritis as “a supposed...

Photo by: Ruby Lacques

Opinion: Anti-abortion activists spread misinformation on the VHS campus

Jane Armstrong, Ruby Lacques, and Soraya Stegall November 29, 2022

Activists held graphic pro-life propaganda outside the student lot and debated with students on the controversial subject of abortion On Oct. 19, three male Thomas Aquinas College students and one female...

Pennants of various colleges and universities can be seen inside the College & Career Center. These pennants include both in-state schools and out-of-state schools. Photo by: Katie Rundle

For and against: Community college vs. four-year universities

Jocelyn Wood and Katie Rundle November 18, 2022

A debate on whether going to a community college or a four-year university is the better option Community college: by Jocelyn Wood Community college is something accessible to everyone, and that's...

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