ASVAB test at Ventura High School

Kinda Mehael

The ASVAB test is coming to VHS Feb. 16

The Armed Services Vocational Battery Assessment is a standardized test that reveals the areas of an individual’s strength in science, math and language. The ASVAB is specifically designed to determine a person’s aptitude in specific subjects such as verbal communication, math, science, technical and spatial.

Patricia Roberts, the VHS College & Career Counselor, said, “[The ASVAB is] on Feb. 16, so next Thursday, and I believe we are starting at 8:30 a.m. in the morning.”

The ASVAB test will be held at VHS on Feb. 16 at 8:30 a.m. Sign ups are held in the College & Career Center. Screenshot by: Kinda Mehael

Although the ASVAB is primarily a program used by the military, VHS does not give out any information about it and is not associated with any military service program.

“Even though it sounds like it’s associated with the military, it is a good assessment to take regardless if you have an interest in the military or not. Basically it’s a career aptitude test, so it measures your aptitudes, like what your natural abilities are towards certain areas, and then it’ll let you know based on those natural abilities which careers go along well with that,” said Roberts. 

Roberts believes that VHS students should take this opportunity and sign up to take this test. 

According to, “The ASVAB tests are designed to measure aptitudes in four domains: Verbal, Math, Science and Technical, and Spatial. The table below describes the content of the ASVAB tests. The tests are presented in the order in which they are administered.” Photo by: ArmyBases.Gov

Roberts said, “I think students should take it, it’s a super valuable test, its free… the more you can learn about yourself, the better… and just like any sort of assessments there’s things you can do to learn more about your interests, your values or your learning style, […] then you hopefully take all of that information and be able to make decisions about your future.”

Gwendolyn Withers ‘24 said, “I’m taking [the ASVAB] because it seems like a good idea to see what careers I would be better at.” 

Daniel Weedn ‘23 said, “[I’m taking the ASVAB] for funsies.”

The ASVAB test is only available to current sophomores, juniors and seniors at VHS.

“It’s for grades 10 through 12, so freshmen are the only students who are unable to take it, and that’s not our rule, that’s just part of how they measure the test,” said Roberts.