VHS students on AP exams


The 2022-23 school year AP exams are set to start on May 1. Graphic by: Angelica Matehuala

Angelica Matehuala

Students share their thoughts about AP exams

Annual AP exams are due to arrive at VHS. Starting May 1, students who have signed up for AP exams will begin their approximately four-hour tests. AP courses and exams are made to offer undergraduate college-level courses for high school students. By taking and passing these classes, students can receive college credit or bypass any general classes needed after high school.

AP exam season has the reputation of being one of the most stressful times of the school year for high school students. These proctored exams are taken during the school day and often run for almost two class periods. Due to an increase in exam and class sign-ups this school year, students taking AP exams will be divided between the Main Street Gym and the library. 

Jaden Shackle ‘23 is taking AP psychology and computer science principles exams this year, hoping to pass them. He said, “I’m not too worried [about them] right now but [I think] it’s going to hit me when I [take them].” 

AP exams will begin on May 1 and end on May 17. Photo by: Angelica Matehuala

A passing score on AP exams is a three and above and aiming for these scores tends to be stressful. Jack Gordon ‘23 said, “I feel like there’s a lot of pressure and anxiety going into [AP exms].”

To be able to take these exams, depending on the number of tests purchased, one can pay up to $100 or more. Each exam costs about $60 and on average, students purchase one to three exams.

Justin Lisle ‘24 said, “[There are] certain qualities about the exams, especially how the college board sets them up, [that make] it seem almost like a scam.” 

Despite feeling somewhat prepared, though, Lisle says the fear that these exams induce will always be there. He’s hoping for a high score and that it reflects all the hard work he’s put into his AP Language and Composition course.

Sometimes, though, students seem to be prepared and ready to take on the tests they’ve been anticipating since August. Reina Harris ‘24 said, “I’ve never taken an AP exam before so I’m a little nervous because I don’t know what to expect. But I’m also excited to test what I’ve learned throughout the school year and see if my work pays off.”

AP exams have a reputation for being strenuous and there are mixed feelings about them this year. 

Gordon said, “I just hope I [pass them] and I’m looking forward to getting them over with.”