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Belle & Browne bags bring style and sustainability to fashion

Belle & Browne bags bring style and sustainability to fashion

Charlotte D'Orsi

February 6, 2020

VUSD sophomores start a company selling eco-friendly and functional purses. In recent years, many female students at Ventura High School have retired their backpacks, instead using purses to carry their academic paraphernalia. Styles vary from mini backpacks, to cross body bags, to underarm purses, to han...

Lunablu Blesses Students with Beautiful Bikinis

Lunablu Blesses Students with Beautiful Bikinis

Bella Young

September 13, 2019

This summer, Junior Paulina Nicole spent her time designing, sewing and selling her hand-made bikinis. Attracted to sewing since she was a little girl, Nicole attributes her passion to her grandma, who was a seamstress. “I would watch her work and I just became fascinated with the idea of creating somet...

Ortiz unfilters senior portraits

Senior Claire Ortiz has created a fun and unique way for students to showcase who they truly are, rather than filtering themselves in our school's yearbook. Photo from: @2019unfiltered on Instagram

Sailor Hawes and Tatum Luoma

March 20, 2019

Senior Claire Ortiz is making her own website where she plans to upload film photos of most of the seniors at Ventura High School; through these photos, students will be able to express themselves and include an unfiltered senior quote that the normal yearbook wouldn’t allow.   Ortiz first thought o...

Andrew Peoples: a crafty kid

Andrew Peoples: a crafty kid

Nathan Marshall

December 20, 2018

At Ventura High School, there’s many juniors, but there’s only one Andrew Peoples. Andrew Peoples, also known as Andy, is currently a junior at VHS. Peoples explained that he has done lots of things at VHS but some of the more interesting things has been running in cross-country and fixing things on the stage for stagecraf...

Touring your future: how do college tours affect student decisions?

Graphic By: Micah Wilcox

Micah Wilcox

October 31, 2018

Walk on any well-known college in America and one will likely see it: groups of parents and students traversing the campus led by a college student walking backwards. Odds are, they’ve asked their tour group to tell them if they’re about to walk into anything or anybody, as tour guides at the Universit...

Hooked on fishing: Wesley Cherry

Cherrie posing with a California Halibut that he caught at Santa Cruz Island. picture credit: Instagram @weleycherrie_

Liliana Lara and Jessica Johnson

October 29, 2018

Senior Wesley Cherry has been fishing since he was five years old. He quickly fell in love with the hobby after his dad first taught him. At just 17 years old, Cherry has his own 23-foot striper boat. It is kept in the Ventura harbor boat yard. He takes his boat, named “Wes’s bada$$ watercraft,” out to the Chan...

When in doubt, go for a hike

When in doubt, go for a hike

Ryan King

October 18, 2018

There are some places in the world that the only way for humans to get there is to hike. And Ventura High School senior Bennett Cvijanovich is one of those people that can tell you all about some of those places. Cvijanovich first got into hiking because he has “always been surrounded by it.”...

The ballad of Serena Ropersmith

Serena Ropersmith performing her original music with The Barn Burners. Photo by: Jezel Mercado

Jezel Mercado

October 17, 2018

Ventura High School senior Serena Ropersmith performed her self-written music with the band The Barn Burners at Bombay Bar and Grill in downtown Ventura, CA on Sunday Oct. 14. Ropersmith has been singing and writing her own music for a couple of years now, and is no stranger to the life on stage. Sh...

Olivia dances her way to stardom

When asked what she wanted out of becoming a professional ballet dancer, Miller responded:

November 16, 2017

Have you ever heard of Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? They both went straight to the NBA after graduating high school. Ventura High School Junior, Olivia Miller, has been a ballet dancer for 13 and a half years and hopes to dance for a company, like San Francisco Ballet, New York City Ballet, Americ...

Devin Ruiz: Taekwondo guru

Ruiz practicing his flair kick.
Photo from: Devin Ruiz

November 10, 2017

Junior Devin Ruiz is a student athlete at Ventura High School, who has a passion for martial arts, specifically Taekwondo. Ruiz is sixteen years old and has been practicing Taekwondo for the last five years. Ruiz takes his practice very serious, as it has taken him many places and he loves ...

He’s got that “ice” on his wrist

Check out Cardona's music on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify where he can be found as Instagrub. Photo by: Paris Carmody

November 7, 2017

Throughout the years, rap music has become popular amongst teens. Even so much that Ventura High School students are making their own raps. Sophomore Nico Cardona is one of the VHS students who is taking his rapping “very seriously.” Cardona has been making raps for about three months and is continuing ...

This Summer job helps VHS student, Kaine Miranda, gain life-long experiences

A rare photo of Kaine Miranda off the job
Photo by: Samantha Franks

August 25, 2017

With all of the stress and responsibilities that students have to deal with during the school year, summer is the perfect time to focus on something like a job.   Ventura High School senior, Kaine Miranda, got a job at Coastal Trailer and Fabrication located in Ventura, where he helps rep...

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