The lenses are watching


Acacia Harrell and Hannah Lee

Ever noticed the security cameras around campus that appear to watch your every move? From every conversation, to every awkward moment, could they all have been caught on camera?

One may ask “Who watches these scenes everyday?” and “What are “they” watching?”

With the significant amount of cameras on campus that watch student life on a daily basis, they were installed to keep students safe while on campus. However, some students may feel a little uneasy about these tiny lenses watching their everyday life.

However, these cameras are generally used in times of dire need, like when fights happen on campus and administration needs proof of the honest truth in order to know what really happened and who was involved.

Senior Charli Meyer commented on her confusion with the cameras, “I am not really aware of the security cameras on campus. I almost feel like they aren’t even used.”

After several interviews, it appears that many students are completely unaware of the security cameras here on campus. Like Meyer, many aren’t aware that the cameras are actually on.

Assistant principal, Charles Cornwell, is in charge of all the video cameras and the hours of footage that go along with them.

Senior Addison Burke commented on the cameras stating, “I think that they use them to try and help us and keep us safe, but it doesn’t really seem like they use them so it’s kind of pointless.”

While some other students are confused if the cameras even work and are on during school hours, other students feel safer with these cameras and believe that they are vital to the school system.

Overall, these cameras are on, and they are watching student life, and theoretically, administration has access to the footage at any given time though Cornwell could not be reached to comment on the cameras around the entire campus.