Spikeball gets spiked down


Gage Gregorchuk

The next upcoming intramural sport for second quarter that ASB has planned is spikeball.

When asked how and why spikeball was chosen as the intramural sport for this quarter, Junior ASB member Marea Gordon said,”We wanted to try something new for this intramural because our last one was dodgeball and we do the same ones almost every year, so as the new committee this year we wanted to try a new sport that maybe kids would be more interested in.”

Gordon also added on the topic of how many students signed up to play spikeball,”Well we were originally supposed to play spikeball before the break and then everything happened [with the fire] so when we came back [from break] we had to reorganize everything and we kinda moved on from the idea of official sign ups just because it’s a lot of work to have kids take waivers home and get them signed by their parents, and all the organization takes a lot of work, especially when everyone’s super busy coming back from the super long break.So we are probably just gonna have a more open tournament type style where we will have people compete freely without having to do official sign ups.”

However, according to ASB as of Monday, January 22, spikeball has been postponed until sometime in spring for undisclosed reasons.