Three pointers shoot for gold


The winners of the dunk contest are both student athletes at VHS graduating this school year. Photo by: Avenlea Russian

Avenlea Russian

The three point contest award that Carrasco received. Photo by: Avenlea Russian

On Friday, Feb. 23, the annual Three Point and Dunk contest at Ventura High School was held in the Tuttle Gym.

The dunk contest is ran by ASB and anyone is able to watch the contestants play basketball if they choose.

The dunk contest award that Thompson received. Photo by: Avenlea Russian

The participants can either shoot three point shots for two minutes or have two opportunities to dunk the basketball. The scoring for the three point shooting contest is by points and every competitor is against one another. The dunk contest is judged by if they make it and then their style behind it, according to junior Grace Steiner.

The contestants got to walk on the court with introductory music of their choice. Junior Cameron Delzeit said he joined the three point contest because it “seemed fun.”

The winners of the dunk contest are both student athletes at VHS. Photo by: Avenlea Russian

Delzeit also plays basketball at VHS. In total, there were 15 contestants signed up between the two contests, but ASB accepted same day contestants as well.

Senior Jazmine Carrasco won the three point contest and senior Joey Thompson won the dunk contest. Both received gold spray painted basketballs made by ASB.