“No More,” says Cresswell

No More, says Cresswell

Ryan King

Due to the recent altercations at Balboa Middle School, Superintendent David Cresswell, spoke to the public about what he has in store to help Ventura Unified School District progress forward and make a positive impact on the reccuring issues of bullying.

Graphic by: Ryan King

In a letter published by the Ventura County Star, “A vow to end bullying in Ventura,” Cresswell broke down his most recent actions in response to BMS’s bullying incidents. These actions included holding a meeting for all BMS parents to “tell them a little bit about what had been happening and what we were going to do to prevent it,” as well as listen to stories from the parents.

The night after that meeting, Cresswell held a public school board meeting. At the meeting, the discussion that there are bullying problems in other schools within VUSD and that the VUSD school board is not doing enough to prevent bullying was brought up.

In response to the issues regarding bullying, the VUSD board and entire VUSD team, including Cresswell, said “No more.”

A few of the changes that will be implemented  include changing the principal at BMS, police investigations on every bullying incident and hiring more supervisors on VUSD campuses.

Furthermore, police will be asked to monitor bus stops and walking routes that students frequently use, as well as communicate between VUSD administration and parents more frequently and hold meetings as often as they are needed to ensure the safety of all students within VUSD.