Balboa incidents leave principal without a job


Gage Gregorchuk

Currently at Balboa Middle School, there have been a chain of multiple bullying incidents along with other issues on campus. After these issues and incidents which included an arrest of a student whom was later taken to Ventura County Juvenile Hall, former principal Wes Wade was put on a paid leave.  After an administrative leave, Wade was let go from his position, which was announced at an after school parents meeting.

When asked if her child ever encountered problems with bullying, parent Brandi Tillery stated, “Yes. She was bullied and also physically pushed against the lockers. Wade did nothing. My daughter spent three to four different periods in the office dealing with it in a week. Nobody ever contacted me. Not Wade, the Assistant Principal or her counselor that was present in each meeting. When I contacted Wade about it he brushed me off. The  Assistant Principal told me they didn’t contact me because the girls said their parents already knew about it. Her grades had slipped due to the social problems and none of her teachers reached out to me either.”

As of right now, the current interim principal of BMS is Peter Aguirre, and it has been announced that Carlos Covarrubias will take over as the new principal of BMS. Covarrubias is currently the principal at E.P. Foster. Covarrubias will officially take over at BMS on Thursday, March 5.

According to the VC Star, while Wade was principal BMS was the leading school for the most suspensions and violent incidents that resulted in injuries, out of all Ventura Unified School District elementary, middle and high schools.