When asked about guns, what do students say?


Graphic by: Kai Torres

Ryan Brocklehurst

In the wake of recent events, gun control appears to be a prominent discussion in politics. With differing opinions on gun acquisition, control and usage  many people are offering different solutions.

Graphic by: Kai Torres

One potential solution, offered by President Donald Trump, is to arm teachers with firearms, turning our schools into “hardened targets.”

The Cougar Press conducted a Twitter poll asking how students would feel if teachers were armed, and 91 percent of students said they do not think teachers should be carrying firearms on campus.

In addition to this poll, The Cougar Press asked students how many people have a firearm at home; 22 percent of the Twitter poll respondents said one of their parents has one firearm and four percent of voters said that both parents own more than one firearm, while 74 percent said their parents do not own any firearms.

When asked how many students have gone shooting with a parent or guardian, 38 percent replied that they had and 62 percent said they had not.