Opinion: Do you have time to eat healthy?


Doritos are a not-so-healthy option at the VHS snackbar. Photo by Hailey Cox.

Hailey Cox

The VHS vending machines say they offer “healthy choices” but these options don’t seems that healthy. Photo by Hailey Cox.

Eating healthy can have a big impact on how students feel at school. If you’re sitting in class hungry it can be hard to pay attention to what you need to be learning.

At Ventura High School the snackbar has apples and maybe a few other fruits, but the rest is mostly junk like pizza, slushies, cookies, and chips.

Inside the cafeteria there are meals during lunchtime, including a salad bar, but the lines are usually way out the door and most students don’t want to waste half of their lunch time only to get a small variety of choices once everyone else has already gone through the line.

Staying healthy as a student can be hard because there’s so many other things you have to worry about.

Some students go all day without eating at school because packing a lunch would mean either waking up early or doing it the night before, on top of all the homework and other things that need to be done.

Iman Hibbler: “I have to maintain a healthy diet for track and softball.” Photo by Hailey Cox

But, some students have help to eat healthy. For example, according to junior Iman Hibbler, “My mom makes me a lunch [for school].”

“I don’t eat fast food or anything like that, I always eat home cooked meals,” Hibbler added. 

What you put into your body can affect how you feel that day, or how you perform at practice. Sophomore Micah Amico said, “I usually bring a lunch to school and it’s always pretty healthy. I try to eat healthy for sports, and it just makes me feel better.”  

While it is healthy to maintain a good diet, it is also unhealthy to be stressing about it 24/7. Junior Tanya Turchyn said, “I just eat whatever I’m craving that day. I don’t really restrict myself, if I want to eat unhealthy, but I try my best to eat moderately ok.”