The cougar courtyard


Twitter poll by:Doug Sandford

Douglas Sandford

One of the new additions to the Ventura High School layout is a fence around the classrooms 80 through 82. Now you must be wondering why this new fence has been added and how will it help the Special Ed Department, which occupies those classrooms.

Principal of the Special Education department at VHS, Karla Curry, said the fence’s purpose is “to support the rec leisu

res of our students to give an indoor, outdoor environment.” This lets the students easily go inside and outside, providing them with a versatile learning area.

The new Cougar Courtyard located outside rooms 80-82. Photo by: Doug Sandford

Robin Fenstermacher, a teacher at Ventura says that this new fence “is permanent and will soon be beautified with murals, umbrellas, awning and a garden.” Over time, these additions will be used to make the Cougar Courtyard stand out and give the students a nice place to learn and interact.

Overall, this new fence that has appeared for the 2018-2019 school year is here to stay and provides a better resource for our students to be within and outside of their classroom.

Fenstermacher also asked for any students looking for a period to act as a teacher’s assistant for this class. Doing this you will interact with students and be a part of this new Cougar Courtyard. Come to classes 80-82 to find out more about these positions available.