Opinion: Country Nation is the best nation


Ahh, country music… The twang of an old acoustic guitar, and a song about love, trucks, or God. What’s not to like? With Country music, there’s a song for any occasion. So, why do people have so much hatred towards it? Afterall, it is America’s music.

Junior Maddie Halstead jokingly commented “umm I can’t relate to it, I really don’t like tractors or anything.”

Personally, I love country music because I grew up listening to it; it reminds me of when I was younger. But the more I listen to it, and the more songs I find, I feel like I can relate to most of the lyrics. The singers are singing about real life scenarios, rather than singing about rich people.

“I love country music,” said junior Carly Pointer. “There’s always a story to follow along with. I can also relate to songs that help me get through some hard times.” 

However, I feel like this is a very stereotypical answer. People hear Country music and automatically relate it to rural stereotypes.

In my opinion, they just don’t understand that all country music isn’t the same. Or, maybe they haven’t been exposed to most country songs, because from personal experience when I “force” people to listen to it, they end up enjoying it.

I believe that if people just give it a chance, they will learn to love it. Like the great Brad Paisley once sang, “ On 2,000 country stations, and we’re just one big country nation, that’s right!”