VHS on the big screen: class of 2018 gifts marquee to school


The marquee in its original location. After an evening color test resulted in complaints from hillside residents who could see the sign, VHS is planning to relocate the marquee to another part of the school. Photo by: Micah Wilcox

Sailor Hawes and Micah Wilcox

On Monday, January 28, a marquee sign had been installed by room 104/105 at the front of the Senior Lawn.

According to ASB Advisor Ann Larson, the sign had been donated by the seniors from the class of 2018 “in an attempt to create more communication on campus.”

Class of 2018 alumnus Maritza Duran explained that after a plan to put a bronze cougar statue on campus with the Class of 2017 didn’t come to fruition, “senior class, consisting of myself, Emily Rosales, Caden Beeh, and of course our advisor, Ms. Scovell, decided that a marquee would be a great idea.”

“I worked closely with Ms. Scovell and the administration in order to get the idea approved,” stated Duran. “It was presented to the school board for approval during the summer.”

“There are lots of events that the school puts on,” said Duran. “[A] marquee in the senior lawn area is perfect for allowing students to be informed and [receive] the updates they need.”

“I worked closely with Ms. Scovell and the administration in order to get the idea approved,” Duran said. “It was presented to the school board for approval during the summer.”

The marquee sign started by being just a message board with information, like the one on Main Street, but this one will also be able to display photos and videos.

“I know that there is an electronic message board out in the front corner of the school, but having this marquee in a place where most if not all students cross paths with each day ensures that it will get the message across to more of the student body.

Larson showed off the laptop that ASB will use to program and display messages on the marquee after it’s moved to a new location. Photo by: Micah Wilcox

“[The sign] got put up, it was run for one night to see what colors you could get on it, but obviously it was super bright and all the people up on the hill got all excited because it was way way too bright so it got turned off the next day,” stated Larson.

“Now we are in the process with the school district finding a better location so it doesn’t shine into everybody’s eyes at night.”

When asked where the sign will be moved, Larson said, “We are probably going to have it facing East. It’s either going to face East or it’s going to face South so maybe on the 50’s wing like on the end of [Brad] Steward’s room, so it’s pointing away from all the houses.” The marquee sign will also need to be put in a place on campus where students will be able to see it, according to Larson.

When asked if the sign will be used for more than just displaying information, Larson said, “It can be used for anything. It’s got a computer that it comes with so it’s almost like a powerpoint; you can put text in it, you can put videos in it, you can put images in it. “

“ASB and [the administration] are going to be in charge of the content but people will be able to give information to our media director, Maddy Huot, and she will be the one putting in the information.”

Maddy Huot is a student at Ventura High School and is the Media Director for ASB. Huot runs the Instagram account for ASB and is now in charge of running the marquee sign as well.   

“There are tons of amazing events happening, and students don’t attend because they simply don’t know that they are happening,” said Duran. “I hope that the installment of the marquee from the class of 2018 will increase attendance of school events and allow students to stay informed.”