Students putting in hours at school and at their jobs


Take a look at some Ventura High School students that have part-time jobs

Senior Yuki Alfonso explains to the Cougar Press that she works at McDonald’s on Main and she also shares “I really like my job because I have worked as a waitress before. I know how to interact with the customers and I just make it fun for myself, otherwise it’s going to be boring, like any other McDonald’s job.” Photo By: Tanya Turchyn


Senior Gracelyn Miller works at Waters Edge in the Harbor and she eagerly expresses that she is saving up for her summer trips. When Miller was asked what profession she would pursue if she already had all the knowledge and education for it she stated she would want to be a brain surgeon. Photo By: Tanya Turchyn


Junior Elijah works at Saticoy Country Club in golf services, and is considering using some of his money to go on a foreign exchange program. In the past, Elijah has worked at a restaurant, a golf course, and, as he comments, “Bill Gates’ golf club as a lifeguard” in Washington. Photo by: Tanya Turchyn


Senior Daniel Limon, explains to the Cougar Press that he currently works at McDonald’s and he is just “trying to make money.” Limon states that he does not really like his job because it is “very demanding” and he would like to work with clothing in the future. Photo by: Tanya Turchyn


Junior Connor Bobis works at Baskin-Robbins and uses the money he makes for things he wants, one being a car he bought himself. He commented that having a job as a teenager is valuable because it teachers you “to provide another income, to support yourself, and prepares [you] for college.” Photo by: Tanya Turchyn
Senior Charles Varian works at the Island Packers office where he completes task such as answering phone calls, booking trips, and answering questions. He commented that he likes his job, as well as his pay, as he has worked there for 2 years and receives above minimum wage. Photo by: Saida Delgadillo


Senior Brooke Stevenson works at Burgerim to help pay bills. In the future, she wants to become an English teacher or something else to do with literature. She comments that having a job as a teenager is valuable because “students have to get their gas somehow and it’s good to have that experience when you’re young so that you are used to being a people person and knowing how to talk to people.” Photo by: Saida Delgadillo


Senior Ben Maidman works at Jersey Mike’s to have extra spending money and pay for gas. He commented, “I wish I could’ve worked at the rock climbing place because I like rock climbing” instead of his current job. In the future, he comments, he could not be his own boss because he thinks he lacks the consistency. Photo by: Tanya Turchyn