75th Anniversary of The Cougar Press
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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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75th Anniversary of The Cougar Press
Cervantes said, I am very proud of how quickly our custodians got on it. [They] noticed it, contacted their supervisors, had VPD here, had it cleaned up and boarded up. Photo by: Alejandro Hernandez

Ventura High School front office damaged

Rock thrown at front office door results in the glass door shattering The main entrance to the Ventura High School office was broken on Jan. 25, sometime between 6 p.m and 7 p.m., a student threw a rock...

The new bathroom pass for Schatzi Sovichs classroom. By placing a layer of tape over it and adding a lanyard, this paper passed can be reused for multiple students. Photo by: Ava Mohror

Green slips are a go: New bathroom policies in place at Ventura High

Olive Kranzler, Ava Mohror, and Alejandro Hernandez December 6, 2021

With the removal of wooden passes, the controversy surrounding the new bathroom policies by the administration persists Teachers have been asked by the administration to handwrite single-use bathroom...

Opinion: The law is cool and all, but what about us??

Opinion: The law is cool and all, but what about us??

Belen Hibbler November 18, 2021

A later first period, this is great! Students can get more sleep and be better prepared to learn, but why now? They couldn’t have passed this law earlier, like when I was a freshman? I’m halfway through...

Among the many differences between online and in-person learning, online learning allows students to not be seen. How does this feature affect student learning? Graphic by: Alex Hernandez

The connection between Zoom cameras and grades

Alex Hernandez May 7, 2021

Students have been asked to turn their cameras on, but does it impact students' grades? Online school has been the only available option for education at Ventura High School for over a year. This has...

The regular AP exam registration has officially closed. There is now a $40 late fee in place. Infographic by: Greta Pankratz

Paying for pressure

Greta Pankratz November 20, 2020

VHS students share their opinions on the cost of AP exams AP exams: needed, yet dreaded by many high school students. Upon preparing to heft over the payment necessary to participate in the exams, the...

As distance learning remains in place, students have found more of their time being spent on electronic devices than when in-person learning was happening. Photo by: Anna Guerra.

Opinion: What happened to screen time guidelines?

Anna Guerra October 27, 2020

 Online learning is racking up the amount of hours VHS students are staring at a screen everyday. You wake up tired and bleary-eyed. Shoot, it’s almost eight, you’re gonna miss your first period....

Online schooling is filled with disruptions. This includes things like cellphones, bad wifi, and zoom sabotages from disruptive students. Photo by: Greta Pankratz

Zoom sabotages are the new classroom disruption

Greta Pankratz October 27, 2020

VHS students share their experiences with Zoom class disruptions. The average high school classroom has its share of jokes and disruptions, but they seem to be following students through the switch to...

Let’s make the best of online school!

Let’s make the best of online school!

Caroline Marsden August 17, 2020

The upcoming online semester may seem dreary, but it has some serious advantages. Yes, quarantine sucks, but we can make the best of it! Before people were begging to go back to “real school,” everyone...

Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers

Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers

The Cougar Press June 21, 2020

Our dear high school students, tomorrow’s leaders,   Life and History, in the forms of a virus and the largest racial uprisings of your lifetime, have perhaps taught you more in the last twelve weeks...

The transition to online learning has been hard for many VHS students who find it difficult to stay motivated. Photo by: Anna Guerra

Opinion: Mental health should be a bigger priority during quarantine

Anna Guerra May 3, 2020

Sure, academics are important, but what’s the use of passing your math quiz if you can’t get out of bed? VUSD announced its closure of all schools and programs on March 12, due to the Covid-19 pandemic....

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Is public schooling not for you?

Audrey Flynn February 19, 2020

Independent Study could be the answer At the start of this semester, VUSD administrators began piloting a new independent study program at VHS and other high schools across the district. The program...

Meet your counselors, the masters behind your schedules

Meet your counselors, the masters behind your schedules

The Cougar Press September 3, 2019

They have the jobs of organizing your schedule, dealing with the daily student schedule complaint or question, being bombarded annually at the first day of each new school year, and most importantly, keeping...

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