Ventura might finally get the skatepark it wants


Local skaters come together on Tues. April 16 to discuss and push for an expansion to Ventura’s West side skate park. Photo by: Malik Hibbler

Malik Hibbler

Recently, skaters got together at the beloved Westpark in hopes to expand the tiny skatepark

Although Ventura’s “West Park” resembles the transition of a sub par drainage ditch and is arguably one of the smallest skate parks in the state of California, it is loved and cherished by Ventura locals because of its uniqueness.

Senior Max Budroe skating West park on Tues April 16. Budroe was about to pop into a grind on the ledge. Photo by: Malik Hibbler

On April 16 2019, the skateboard community of Ventura’s West side came together to spread a message to the city of Ventura. This message is that it is time for an addition and update to Ventura’s West Side Skatepark.

One hundred plus people came together on this Tuesday afternoon to continue to push for this expansion. Although this project is by no means new, it is starting to pick up more and more traction. This idea for a skatepark expansion has been in the works for countless years, starting with local skate shops like Skate Serio and Five Points Skate shop. West Park Skate Park is like a home away from home for many, it is a place where you can learn the ropes, work towards new tricks and for the most part just enjoy yourself.

When asked how he felt about the new plans for expansion, Senior Jackson Ellis stated, “Considering that we have never really had a skate park I’m beyond stoked. It will be so nice not having to drive thirty minutes to Ojai or Ox-park.” When Ventura Skaters get tired of skating the sorry but uniquely amazing skate parks that we have in our city, most of them turn to neighboring cities like Ojai or Oxnard for a decent session. The VSIC (Ventura Skatepark Improvement Committee) wants to hear from the people what they want in their new skatepark, and have constructed a short survey with questions like, “What elements would you like to see in the final design?” and, “What are your favorite skate parks in Ventura County?”

For more information on the Ventura West Park expansion and to take the West Park Rebuild Feasibility Survey, please visit