Way too stressed to be blessed


Julia Davies and Jessica Johnson

As the school year comes to an end, school stress continues to pile up higher and higher than ever, I don’t know why all of the important test, grades, and big activities have to fall right before sweet, refreshing summer break.

We have AP test, finals, SAT’s, ACT’s, and most of us are either starting to apply or tour colleges or are waiting on the nerve-racking acceptance letter. On top of that, trying to pull off good final grades. We can’t decide if having a social life, getting decent sleep, or getting good grades is the most important (trust me, you can’t have all three). Most high school students are stoked with five or more hours of sleep a night, and just look forward to late start day.

The countless nights of trying to pull off an all-nighter for school is one too many. It seems as if teachers don’t realize we have so much more outside of life than just school. When you’re taking six classes and each class gives you an hour or two of homework, it is extremely overwhelming. That takes up the whole rest of the day!

Junior Liam McGee trying to catch up on the hours of sleep he has lost from studying and homework, McGee does this so often that he has earned the nickname “sleepymcgee.” Photo by: Julia Davies

Extracurricular activities are worse. Making commitments after school, knowing you won’t have time, but you do so anyway so you can say you applied yourself in college applications. What more do they want? Volunteer hours, good test grades, good grades in general, athletics, clubs, and more? Senior Maximus Oberto agrees, but says “Honestly for me my senior year wasn’t as stressful because this year I had four electives and the only two classes that were required to graduate were econ[omics]/government and English. Really, for me it depended on what teachers you have. Finals might be a little stressful for English but everything else is easy money. Since summer is approaching, I just don’t think about learning anymore. I’m just thinking about getting my diploma, a job, college, and going on with my life.”

As the summer comes near, everyone seems to be focused about the days they will get to spend at the beach, except for teachers. It seems like all teachers begin to cram everything they can teach you into just a few short weeks. Even after taking the SAT and ACT, AP tests and CASP, teachers are being ruthless and still giving a final– uncalled for. Summer is not a long enough break from all the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone towards my education.

We aren’t the only ones feeling this stress. “This year I have been trying to balance volleyball, soccer, and homework. Now I have to study for my AP test and the SAT, all while trying to prepare for finals! It’s really a lot to handle, and especially trying to find time for family and friends,” says junior Amaris Garcia, who is also drowning in school.

There are some things that you can do to help and feel more organized and on top of your stuff: first off, GET A PLANNER! Having a planner can help you be more organized and it can also keep you from forgetting about an important assignment or a test. The next step is to make time for your homework or studying, plan other non-important things around your school work, not the other way around. You should also really take account of the time you’re given in class to do your work and not just mess around, try turning off your phone and putting it in your backpack. Bonus points if you have nothing to do in class and have the opportunity to work on work for other classes. Finally, don’t let the stress overwhelm you; being so worried about everything you have to do can distract you significantly. June 13 can’t come soon enough.