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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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You are what you eat, so you might as well eat a vegetable. Its best for the planet. Photo by: Nada

Opinion: Why the future is vegan

Nada March 31, 2023

We must listen to the experts Everyone knows veganism is the way of the future. It’s all anyone talks about. I read it everywhere. Therefore, we must obey. There’s simply no other way. I remember...

Starting in the 2023-2024 school year, all Starbucks drinks and food items will be banned from campus. Graphic by: Ben Wining

VHS students banned from drinking Starbucks on campus

Bem Wining March 31, 2023

VHS administration bans students from drinking drinks from major company, Starbucks, in order to promote going to local coffee shops Students are no longer allowed to drink Starbucks on campus. This brand...

The current fleet of VHS golf carts that are ready to serve the campus as a minutes notice. Photo by Fredrick Orlando

VHS students continue to get hit by golf carts

Fredrick Orlando and shaday March 31, 2023

Students keep getting hit by campus security golf carts and the injury toll is rising Early this year increased reports of students getting injured by campus security golf carts was at an all time high....

The new and improved bell schedule has been emailed to all VHS students and guardians. Photo by: thasbaka

FINALLY!!! Wednesdays are being eliminated out of VHS schedule

thasbaka March 31, 2023

Since students all get out at the same time on Wednesdays, after school traffic is even more unbearable, which is why they are long overdue to be canceled On March 15 administration announced the alteration...

Joe Biden after his speech regarding VHS students homework, he said, I do this for both the current people and future citizens of The United States. Photo by: Adam Schultz

POTUS, Joe Biden, personally pardons all Ventura High School students of homework for the rest of the school year

Jessie Pinkman March 31, 2023

Joe Biden removes the value of all homework given by teachers for the rest of the 2023 school year On March 29 2023, Joe Biden, the President of The United States, gave a speech stating that he would...

Im a little nervous this DJ might suck, said Rudy Lunar 24. Graphic by: Juju on dat Beat

Senior lawn turns into a dance floor

Juju on Dat Beat March 31, 2023

Administration decides to hire a DJ to perform at VHS during lunchtime Administration recently announced the new addition to VHS. There will be a DJ performing on the senior lawn at lunch starting in...

Please dont send me here, said Francesca, ‘23. Graphic by: Juju on Dat Beat

Bootcamp blues around Ventura High School

PekPek Cutiepie805 and Juju on Dat Beat March 31, 2023

Students with a GPA of 2.0 or less are at risk for being sent to Smoochies Academy, how is the school reacting? VHS just announced a new rule affecting students with a low GPA below a 2.0, who are now...

Ticket prices will vary on age and gender according to Tate. If youre a female and youre a 10, you get in free babe, said Tate. Graphic by: PekPek Cutiepie805

Andrew Tate and Bryce Hall upcoming brawl summer of 2023

PekPek CutiePie805 March 31, 2023

These two influencers are seen as the manliest of men on social media, who will come out victorious? Andrew Tate, the man, the myth, the legend, known for his vast knowledge of the real world as well...

Emilia Reed 25 said Im going to kill you Wee Niss! Photo by: Walter White Jr

VHS student bites peer, giving her rabies

Zerimar Annairb and Walter White Jr March 31, 2023

9th grade students participate in a tussle On Mar. 30 at VHS, students Emilia Reed ‘25 and Wee Niss ‘25  became aggressive in the quad during lunch, resulting in a brutal fight. This is not a common...

VHS teacher Arnold Palmer said, I imagine a VHS-BHS logo would look like our cougar with the head of a bulldog. Or visa versa. Graphic by: Sapphire

Long time high school rivals Ventura High School and Buena High School merge campuses

Sapphire March 31, 2023

Underfunding and poor enrollment shut down VHS campus As the two largest high schools in Ventura, VHS and Buena High School have been known as competitors for as long as they have both existed. Between...

Locher will be the 2024 Bachelor and stated that he will take his Harvard diploma and a copy of War and Peace with him in case of an emergency. Graphic by: Ma

James Locher announced as the 2024 Bachelor

Ma and McSwagger March 31, 2023

Locher will be taking a sabbatical next year to take part in the hit series, “The Bachelor”  VHS teacher, James Locher, who teaches English Honors 10 and AP Literature and Composition, has been selected...

Of course hes the only one on the cover, a reflection of his ego, Markle said. Graphic by: Bobia

Exclusive: Meghan Markle divorces Prince Harry over new autobiography

Bobia March 31, 2023

After reading her now former husband’s book, Markle splits from her royal husband “Spare,” a memoir by Princess Diana’s son, Prince Harry, was released on Jan. 10, 2023. The novel revealed personal...

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