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Taking a closer look at VHS science teacher

Reynosa has pictures up in her classroom that resemble something positive. Photo by: Nathan Marshall

Nathan Marshall

December 18, 2018

In the science department of Ventura High School, Karen Reynosa teaches Medical Chemistry and AP Chemistry. According to Reynosa, this year is the first year she has taught Medical Chemistry because lots of students showed interest for the class so she decided to teach it. Though she wasn’t a...

Mock trial and academic decathlon advisors struggle to create course for their students

Reynosa (pictured above) is the adviser for theMock Trial Club at VHS in addition to being a Chemistry and AP Chemistry teacher. Photo by: Lola Bobrow

Lola Bobrow

May 22, 2018

Mock Trial and Academic Decathlon are two extracurricular and academic based clubs that meet outside of school hours. The two teams have existed for over a decade, but the way the school has managed the courses has changed over the years, starting first as a club, then becoming a class, and then returning...

Reynosa: a catalyst for a new AP course

Seniors Peyton Reynolds, Dylan Wilde, and Valentina Pfeifer are hoping to do labs that involve lighting things on fire. 
Photo by: Ryan King

September 19, 2017

AP chemistry--taught by Karen Reynosa-- is a new class offered at VHS this year, which many of the students already seem to enjoy, despite the difficulty of the course. The class is said to consist of new labs that are more intensive, and can provide students with college credits.   Many of the students explain that Reynosa is the perfect teacher for t...

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