Taking a closer look at VHS science teacher


Reynosa has pictures up in her classroom that resemble something positive. Photo by: Nathan Marshall

Nathan Marshall

In the science department of Ventura High School, Karen Reynosa teaches Medical Chemistry and AP Chemistry.

According to Reynosa, this year is the first year she has taught Medical Chemistry because lots of students showed interest for the class so she decided to teach it.

Karen Reynosa puts on Discovery Day at VHS each year for elementary school kids that teaches them more about science related areas. Photo by: Nathan Marshall

Though she wasn’t always teaching chemistry, in an interview done with Reynosa, she stated that she has actually taught every science at VHS except for physics.

Reynosa’s biggest challenge with teaching AP chemistry last year was the workload. She stated, ¨I think that teaching any AP class is filled with a lot of work because you have to prepare for the kids getting ready for the test and keep the kids motivated…”

Reynosa explained that initially, she did AP Chemistry was because two years ago a student begged her to go to the workshops because he wanted to take AP Chem. Reynosa felt she wanted to ¨stay fresh.”

According to Reynosa, last year, 50 percent of the AP Chemistry class got above a three on the AP test and five students got a five on the AP test, which is the highest score they can get.

Before she taught at VHS, Reynosa was a teacher at Venice High School in Los Angeles and at Baldwin Park High School in Baldwin Park. There Reynosa taught the same subjects she taught at Ventura. Reynosa also said that after she went to college, and before she became a teacher, she was a substitute teacher. There she got her first job at Venice High School.

At VHS, she started in a long term substitute job she got from VHS science teacher Schatzi Sovich, which eventually lead to a permanent job.

Besides teaching, Reynosa is part of a band called FIDO along with VHS Social Science teacher David Hess. The other two members are Chris Jensen and Pat Simpson. Hess is the bass player, Jensen is the lead drummer, Reynosa is the lead singer and Simpson is the lead guitarist.

According to Reynosa, the music that FIDO plays is good for all ages and the band would really like people to come out and watch them play. FIDO usually plays in small gigs in and outside of Ventura in places like breweries.