A spooktacular homecoming


This year, the Art club designed a spooky art wall to enhance the homecoming decor. ASB originally came up with the idea and around 20 art students and art club members helped create it.

When asked what the theme was for the art wall Lauren Minadio said, “They wanted a spooky, foggy graveyard.” According to Minadio, “it was a graffiti art style.”

To create the spooky graveyard theme, the students used spray paint and stencils. Menadio added, “We had tons of people working out and cutting out stencils and placing them and things like that.”

The students worked on the project for three days only at lunch.

Junior Kai Eigenhuis shared his opinion on the art wall:  “I loved it! When my friends and I weren’t in the mosh pit, we were standing beside the mural. It was pretty awesome!”

When asked if he would like to see future art pieces from the art club at dances, Eigenhuis said, “For sure! It would be awesome to see more from those talented kids.”

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