“Puffs” leads take stage

Isabel Andrade

New leads take their places for the upcoming show “Puffs”

The Ventura High School Drama Department’s play “Puffs” opened Nov. 10. Cast members new to drama performances include Adam Hibberd ‘24, Caydon Thomas ‘24, Sinthia Cardenas ‘23 and Mya Sherman‘23, who have their own stories and thoughts about “Puffs.”

Cardenas ’23 said, “I know a lot of people in the drama department so [‘Puffs’] was really just like a fun little hangout with my friends.” Photo by: Charlie Ruff

Hibberd, who played Charlie Brown in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” plays the lead role in “Puffs,” Wayne Hopkins.

Hibberd said, “Last year [‘You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown’] was double casted and the other person who played Charlie Brown was someone much more experienced than I was. [He was] someone who certainly knew much more of what he was doing, but this year I think I’m maybe a bit more ready to like  know what is coming next maybe or prepare for the future.”

Cardenas, who played Lucy in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” and is now playing Megan Jones in “Puffs,” said, “I think it’s really just my love for the [drama] department that made me want to audition. Ms. Rossiter could be doing anything and I will be willing and wanting to be a part of it.”

Thomas, who plays Oliver Rivers, said, “I have never done any other shows before. I [auditioned]  cause I want to get more out of my high school experiences. I have never done any sort of drama thing before.”

Sherman, who plays the narrator, said, “It’s like bittersweet. I’m excited to kinda be a mentor to a freshmen like the seniors were to me when I was a freshman, and I’m excited to just share everything I’ve learned throughout the year.”

Cardenas said, “I think it really exciting and nostalgic at the same time because my first play. I was in a musical my freshman year, but it got shut down because of [COVID-19], so my first like production was on Zoom.” 

Thomas said, “Well, my role is more of like a funny sort of person. He’s like also pretty like nerdy too, so I’m trying to bring out the best aspects of like how to perceive the character and how to make it enjoyable.”

The “Puffs” play began Nov. 10 and will end Nov. 19, meaning it will be shown for six nights. Adam Hibberd ’24 said, “[‘Puffs’] really is a big ensemble show and everyone so far is doing amazing. I’m just really excited as I think a lot of people are to see it all put together.” Photo by: Isabel Andrade.

Hibberd said, “[Auditions are] nerve racking. There were like a lot of very talented people all coming together and like you really had no idea who was going to get what and it was a little chaotic, but a lot of fun.”

Sherman said, “I’m not a Harry Potter fanatic to be honest, but I mean I have done every production and I just trust Ms. Rossister a lot and I trust her creative ideas, so I know wherever she’s going to do is gonna be like really well done.”