Cougar critique: “Mean Girls”


Naima Tovar’26 said “My favorite part is the different friend groups.” Graphic by: Isabel Andrade

Isabel Andrade

“Mean Girls” is still the most iconic movie of the 2000s

“Mean Girls” is a film that was made in the blank year and is one of the most iconic movies of the decade. The movie follows Cady Heron, who just moved to the U.S. after living in Africa for her mother’s work and her high school experience. Cady has a very difficult time at first adapting to American life and school. She then makes two friends, Janis and Damian. They show Cady around school, but the most important thing they share is the “plastics.” The “plastics” are the popular girls of the school: Karen Smith, “the “dumb girl,” Gretchen Wieners, “the gossiper” and Regina George, the leader of the group. The “plastics” are also known as the “mean girls.” Janis and Damian then create a plan to humiliate the “plastics” by having Cady go undercover to find out all their secrets so that they can expose them.

Shaylee Torres ’26 said, “I do not think the movie is like high school at all.” Graphic by: Isabel Andrade

Naima Tovar ’26 said, “I think it’s very popular because of the drama and jealousy the movie has.”

The “mean girls” take Cady in, and she becomes a part of the group. There are many rules to become “plastic,” including not wearing a tank top for two days in a row, only wearing one’s  hair in a ponytail once a week, on Wednesday wearing pink, only wearing jeans or track pants on Friday, and being effortlessly “plastic.” And if Cady doesn’t follow any of these rules, she will be kicked out and become an outcast. 

The writer of the movie, Tina Fey, wrote an amazing and memorable movie. It was very new and different from other 2000s movies, which is why it stood out. It wasn’t predictable at times and always had you guessing and showing the “mean girl” more as people than robots who have no mind. 

Shaylee Torres ‘26 said, “I think it’s popular because it’s such a dramatic movie, and also because it came out in 2004 and that’s kind of directed towards our generation.”

This movie is so iconic because of how long it has lasted. Even now, there are popular sounds on TikTok, and it was even made into a Broadway musical. Not to mention, so many of the iconic lines are still used, like “That’s so fetch” and “You wanna do something fun? You wanna go to Taco Bell?” 

“Mean Girls” is a must-watch and is such an iconic movie. It is also so funny and has you laughing like crazy. But most of all, it shows high school in a different light, and how it’s not all fun and rainbows but how everyone has something going on. 

Torres ‘26 said, “My favorite part is maybe the character Damien because he’s really funny.”