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TCP Broadcast: Feb. 12, 2024
TCP Broadcast: Feb. 12, 2024

24 things to do before 2024

A picnic at Father Serra Cross is an example of one of the many 24 activities to do with friends. Photo by: Andrea Perez

Need some suggestions to fill up your calendar for the rest of the year? Here are 24. 

Looking for fun activities to do before the new year? Here are 24 activities to keep you entertained before 2024 and get you excited for the new year. From watching sunsets to exploring new hiking trails,there is something for everyone. And don’t forget about the delicious food and fun shops downtown Ventura.

Create a vision board:

Creating a vision board is a constant reminder of what your priorities are. Get to know yourself a little better by clarifying what it is you want.

Find a new hobby:

Finding new hobbies can provide a much needed mental and physical boost when you are going through a rut, as well as improve your confidence and brain health. Hobbies help take time away from the daily grind and can help you find the zest in life which may be missing.

Take photos:

Taking photos captures special moments and can help you remember the experience. One photo is great enough to not only remind you of an event or detail, but can bring you right back to the feelings, sounds and even the smells of the moment.

Visit new places:

Traveling and/or visiting new places can bring personal growth, adventure, relaxation, improve relationships and education. Going to new places can help with mental health and taking a break once in a while is great for mental health.

Spend more time with family:

Spending more time with family can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve overall mental well-being. More family time also allows you to develop valuable life skills.

Picnic with friends or family:

Having a picnic with family, friends or significant others is another activity, and the best part is, no money has to be spent

Decorate gingerbread houses:

Decorating gingerbread houses is a delicious holiday activity to do with friends, family, significant others and others.

Secret Santa:

Secret Santa is a great way to still experience the joy of gift giving without carrying the heavy price tag of buying gifts for a whole crowd of people.

A sunrise:

Before New Year’s Eve, go see a sunrise or even a sunset. End the year with a good memory alone, or with friends and family. Also get a good view, maybe from your home, park, beach or another special place you know.

Try a new sport:

Another thing to try before the new year is a new sport. Maybe there’s a sport you would like to try but never have. This is the time. And who knows, you might be better at it than you thought. It’s never too late to try something new.

Christmas list:

Since it’s almost Christmas, start a Christmas wish list.

Read more books:

We all have that one book that’s been sitting on that one shelf so go on and grab that book. Find one that catches your eye. Also, reading books increases your social skills and ability to understand the emotions and thoughts of others whose lives are different from ours.  This is a popular choice in the Cougar community.  

 “I want to read more books and finish unread books,” said Ireida Robles ‘24. 

“ I would like to finish two more books and draft my New Year’s resolution,” said Leah Enerva ‘24.

Make a memory box:

In your memory box, you can put all the things that remind you of one of the many great memories that you have. It can be dance tickets to remind you of the fun times you had, or it can be pictures, notes, cards and many other things.

Make a bucket list:

Making a bucket list allows you to reflect on your values, goals and identify important milestones and experiences that you want to have in our lifetime. 

Make a to-do list:

Making a to-do list can help youkeep organized and motivated. It’s a great way to prioritize tasks. Creating a to-do list also helps improve memory by writing tasks and short term goals and continually checking the list. You might even retain more information.

Write a letter to your future self:

Imagine reading a letter from your younger self and it says all the things you want to have, accomplish and achieve – you have all of it. Writing a letter to your future self is a good way to see how much you will accomplish when you’re older and when you read it you realize you achieved all the things you wrote. 

Thank you card:

Another activity to do is to write a thank you card. Write one to a person or the people who helped you through this year and helped achieve your goals.

Gratitude journal:

In a gratitude journal, write about an opportunity that you had, something great that happened or saw. Or even write something simple near you like clouds or the pen/pencil you are holding.

Watching a sunset from Father Serra Cross is one of the many activities that can be done before 2024. Photo by: Andrea Perez

Go camping:

Not all people can go out of their way to camp, so do it in your living room. Set up a pillow or blanket fort with friends or family or by yourself. Buy your favorite snack and watch a good movie or show in it. For extra bounce,  make it a trampoline fort.

 Mini pool in a pool:

 A fun activity to do with friends is getting a mini pool and putting it in an actual pool. Bring blankets, snacks, something to watch a movie on along with board games or cards. If you don’t have a pool, go to the beach, just make sure you don’t go too far.

Go on a shopping spree:

Before New Year’s, go on a shopping spree. Get some new clothes, skincare, accessories, shoes and other things to get you ready for the new years.


Going on a hike is a great way to connect with nature and it’s good for your health.

Movie marathon:

Movie marathons can be done with anyone: friends, family or by yourself.   

Chalk up the driveway:

If your driveway is looking boring, use some chalk and draw fun things on it. You can also use chalk on the street in front of your house too.

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