Am I dressing “like a boy”?


Sophomore Malia Becerra stated that people thinking certain clothing should only be for a girl or boy is “irritating.”

Acacia Harrell

I don’t see why wearing a big t-shirt is “weird” for a girl, or why wearing a skirt would be “weird” for a boy. Photo by: Sarah Clench

The other day I wore a baggy Polo shirt,  light colored jeans and black vans. It was a pretty normal outfit for me, nothing special, but that day in particular I was constantly being told I was ‘dressed like a boy’ or ‘looked like a boy’.

Though at first it was funny, at some point it got annoying and it got me thinking, “What does it even mean to be dressed like a boy.”

There are certain clothing items that have become socially acceptable for both genders over the years, such as pants and t-shirts, however, many manufacturers are still promoting v-necks for girls and crewnecks for boys, and pink for girls and blue for boys.

Sophomore Malia Becerra stated that people thinking certain clothing should only be for a girl or boy is “irritating.”

In some cases, there are certain clothing items that have to be tailored for a genders body type, but most of the time, I dont see why it’s necessary to have different sections of clothing for girls and boys. 

Junior Dylan Johnson and sophomore Malia Becerra both said they tend to wear unisex clothes and would like to see unisex clothing and stores promoted more in the clothing industry.

Junior Delaney Valdez , who said she wears what some people consider to be boy’s clothes all the time, said: “Girl clothing [is] a lot more expensive than boy clothing.”

Junior Sierra Cameron stated that she sometimes wears boy clothing because it’s “comfy”.

“If I see a clothing item i like, I wear it” stated junior Sierra Cameron. Photo by: Acacia Harrell

Have you ever seen a “Unisex section” in a name brand store, or a pair of “Unisex pants” at your favorite clothing provider? Because I haven’t. Personally, I think that would be beast.

After all, boys clothing gets all the comfort, all the big pockets and is usually much more affordable than “girl” clothing. So I guess I’ll just stick to shopping in the boys AND girls sections.