Gays? In my Community? It’s more likely than you think


Alicja Fowler and Kylie Torres

Infographic by: Ian McWeeney

The LGBTQ+ community has many places in Ventura County where people can hang out and access resources, including the Diversity Collective (DCVC). DCVC is a collection of therapists and support groups for LGBTQ+ youth. One of these groups is Rainbow Umbrella. Rainbow Umbrella takes place every Friday at the Community Resource Center off of Portola Road in Ventura, CA.

Another resource for LGBTQ+ youth is Project Pride, which is based in Fillmore. This group primarily serves communities in the Santa Clara Valley, including Fillmore and Piru.

Fillmore High School senior, Marlen Barragan, is one of the heads of Project Pride . She said, “I made Project Pride so students had a safe place outside of the [Fillmore High] school [Social Equality] club. Project Pride is not only based off of LGBTQ+ issues, but is also involved with One Billion Rising.”

The Project Pride logo created by Marlen Barragan.

Project Pride meets every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Ventura High School also has their own Gender Sexuality Alliance  club on campus that has an abundance of resources for other LGBTQ+ students. The club is run by senior co-presidents, Terra Bransfield and Maritza Duran.

When asked about GSA, Duran said, “We’re a place where anyone can come in and feel safe about their gender and sexuality. We’re open to anyone and everyone.”  GSA meets every Friday in room 124 during lunch. Any VHS students that are interested can attend.

These resources are an important part of both the local and school community, but not many people know about them. Hopefully this gives everyone an opportunity to check them out if they are at all interested and need any help or have any questions.