Have you had “the talk?”

Information from: TCP Sex and Dating Survey

Information from: TCP Sex and Dating Survey

Hailey Cox and Paris Carmody

Seniors Isack Lopez and Monroy don’t think it’s necessary to talk to your parents! Photo by:Hailey Cox

Students of Ventura High School have mixed opinions on whether or not it’s important to talk to their parents about their sex lives.

Talking to parents about sex can be very beneficial, but it can also cause problems between parents and teens if they dont agree on the subject.  

According to girlshealth.gov, “It can be really helpful to talk to your parents or guardians about sex and healthy relationships. It can be tough being a teen, and your parents and caregivers can be a great source of love and support.”

When sophomore Anisa Zavala was asked if she talks to her parents about sex, and if she thinks it is necessary to, she responded, “Yes, and I think it is necessary to have a normal and semi-serious talk to make sure there’s an understanding, and it can help you become closer, and it’s good to have someone like your parents to talk about it.”

Information from: TCP Sex and Dating Survey

Students may want to talk to their parents but don’t have a close enough relationship with them. They might want to get advice or information but don’t know who to talk to.