Fortnite Mobile takes VHS by storm


Clayton Currie

Sophomores Chase Currie (left,) Yalda Kotobi (middle,) Aidan Garza (right,) all enjoy playing Fortnite: Battle Royal on their phones. Photo by: Mason Pena

Imagine this scenario: You are sitting in class doing your work, and suddenly you hear a deafening roar from “that group” of students sitting in the back of the class looking over the shoulder of someone who is staring at their phone screen. If this sounds like something you’ve witnessed, it is safe to say those students are cheering on their “champion” as they play Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a video game produced by Epic Games. It is a fast paced, 100 player, last man standing third person shooter video game. The game is playable in a solo, duo, or for man squad mode. These players are then dropped from a “battle bus” over the game’s map. The players must skydive down onto various locations on the map in order to find weapons and resources. This is how players gain an edge over their competitors and fight to survive.

The fast growing, free-to-play game is playable on computer, Xbox One and Play Station Four. Recently, the game was made available on mobile devices and thus the

Fortnite Mobile revolution began.

When asked about the game, freshman Jordan Tanner said, “It is addicting and I play at least 14 hours a week.”