Blenders; brought to you in a brand new cup


Blenders in the Grass first began in 2002, and has used styrofoam cups ever since.

Their reasoning behind using styrofoam –despite environmental concerns–  is to allow the smoothies to stay cold and to maintain the same consistency for a longer period of time.

However, in using styrofoam, they left their carbon footprint on the environment because styrofoam doesn’t biodegrade. Therefore, every Blenders cup that has ever been served is still in on the earth somewhere… It has not biodegraded, and never will.

However, Blenders has changed: they decided to design and create a new plastic cup without using Styrofoam that looks “trendy”. They have the words “Blenders: fresh, quick, nutritious, delicious” on the front.

Senior Rosales says, “People think that styrofoam can biodegrade easily, which it does not, as I learned this in Environmental Field Studies and Environmental Science”


According to Blenders, they came to the realize the impact of their carbon footprint and wanted to fix it.

Environmental enthusiasts are very happy about the switch, including the Global Warming Action Team (GWAT) Club at Ventura High School. They are dedicated to helping the environment through various activities, from educating people to planting trees.

The club’s treasurer, senior Raphaella Rosales said, “I think it’s a good idea because the styrofoam cups, a lot of people would throw them away, [because] people think that styrofoam can biodegrade, but it can’t. I think the plastic cups are a good idea because you can easily reuse them for another drink, and if you reuse cups at blenders you get a discount, so that would definitely help [the environment]”