Should freshmen take geography instead of College and Careers?


Students at VHS express their feelings for freshman taking a college and career class instead of a history class.

For three years, Ventura High School has been requiring that freshmen take College and Careers, which replaced the geography course, and a semester of health. For the following school year, the freshmen going into their sophomore year have more options of history courses.

Freshman Lucca Camus is hoping for a great history class next year. Photo by: Carly Frolich

Some students have been expressing their positive and negative viewpoints toward the College and Career class. Freshman Lucca Camus said, “I don’t think that the College and Career classes were beneficial at all. I was disappointed when we didn’t get to take a history class.” Camus seems to think that his experience in his College and Career class didn’t teach him anything.

Freshman Clarice Harvey who has also taken this class stated, “I don’t think the College and Career classes that great and History would be way better.” Harvey seems to have a similar standpoint as Camus. Both of them say they did not receive the academic class they were wishing for.

Seniors that are currently at Ventura High School didn’t get a chance to take this courses.

An opinion from a Ventura High School senior, Jasmine Duncan, is a different perspective: “The aspect of college like picking a major and getting loans, ect. all were scary. Maybe a College and Career class would be helpful to ease these anxieties,” explained Duncan.  

Sophomore Lena Alvarez said, “I think college and careers could have been more beneficial. We wasted alot of time in that class.” Photo from: Lena Alvarez

Duncan’s opinion goes against freshman Lena Alvarez’s, who stated, “My teacher seemed to not really get in depth and only touched on the topics, such as college, that I think we should have been taught more of.

Do you think that the College and Careers course is beneficial? Could the College and Careers class be improved upon? Both freshmen and seniors seem to have mixed opinions.