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Student creativity rings loud and clear

Juniors Daniel Navarro (pictured left) and Connor Blanda (pictured right) reppin' two of the colorways their brand has to offer. Photo by: Yasmin Myers.

Yasmin Myers

October 18, 2019

Brand “Clarity” takes hold on Ventura students Fresh, cool, and laid back. The easily noticeable, drippy, gothic-like logo from the brand, Clarity, has been circulatilating around Ventura High. Specializing in hoodies and other comfy attire, Clarity began here at Ventura High by two juniors. The creators, Dan...

Riled up for rivalry: First rally of the school year

Senior and ASB member, Ivan Rivera, was an MC along with senior Courtney Caldwell for the first the rally. 
Photos by: Paris Carmody and Acacia Harrell

Acacia Harrell and Paris Carmody

October 17, 2017

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Spirit week recap

Photo by: Bailey Peck

Bailey Peck and Sailor Hawes

October 14, 2017

Is Buena Rivalry day back for the better?

Students in the parking lot were enthusiastic to have the tradition back.

October 14, 2017

“Buena Rivalry Day,” previously known as “Buena Nerd Day,” has become many VHS students’ favorite spirit day, according to students. However, an uproar of complaints and opposition were expressed by students when this year’s spirit day themes were announced and “Buena Nerd Day” was not...

Who let the Cougars out?

Freshman Rory Bruton says the highlight of his year so far has been,

October 13, 2017

  Interview with Principal Carlos Cohen by Lola Bobrow Ventura High School held its first pep rally in the Tuttle gym on Friday, October 6 to show its Cougar pride and welcome this year’s freshmen to the new school year. Bass-b...

Opinion: Step up your game, attend more sporting events

Opinion: Step up your game, attend more sporting events

Hailey Cox

October 11, 2017

Ventura High School's student section has gone downhill within the last year or two. Students should be going to as many games as they can; when other teams show up to VHS, they should see stands full of students and parents, and they should be able to hear a loud student section. Last year, VHS’s...

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