Opinion: Masked up and actin’ up


When in the purple-tier, many shops considered non-essential were asked to close up shop. This includes hair, nail and tanning salons. Photo by: Jocelyn Wood

Jocelyn Wood

Ventura County’s shutdowns have been an interesting experience for all.

March 15, 2020 will be a day many will never forget due to it being Ventura County’s first shutdown. During that time, people were mandated to stay at home, stay out of work and kids to not attend school. Of course at this time, many students saw this break as a great thing, not realizing the extent of the issue at hand. I myself saw it as a good opportunity to take a break from basic life. Sophomore Ava Elliot said, “I just saw it as an extra long spring break.” 

As days, weeks and months seemed to pass, the feeling of being stuck began to sink in for many. Though, during the first shutdown it seemed like the majority of people were staying safe and following guidelines. Of course after a few months, that declined rapidly. Junior Ben Cruzen said, “Considering that Ventura is only 70 miles away from LA, I think we did a good job holding off Covid for a bit.” Yes, the county handled the rule-making pretty well, more and more people couldn’t handle the feeling of being trapped at home and slowly started breaking the rules.

“I feel like they did the right thing, shutting down the city before things got too bad,” commented sophomore Dylan Elizondo. Infographic by: Jocelyn Wood

I was disappointed to say the least, I’ve seen a lot of people hang out in massive groups and partying. It’s one thing to be hanging out with a group smaller than six and only seeing them, but if you’re switching up your friend pool a lot, that’s not exactly the best route to go, especially right now.

On Nov. 16, 2020 it was announced by the state that Ventura County moved back to the purple tier. This is the worst tier to be, meaning that more than 8% of tests are coming back positive. Right before the shutdown, many businesses were able to reopen and indoor dining was reinstated. It was great and it felt like we were a step closer to normal life. Then of course it became out of hand and led to our re-shutdown. 

From the holidays coming up during that time, I’m sure more people were getting tested before they travel or see relatives, leading to the rise. Though the fact that there was even a rise in cases is worrisome. Sophomore Sophie Gonzalez said, “The shutdowns are good, y’all deserve to stay home, y’all going out too much I swear.” Now that we have entered 2021 many are curious to see where this new year will take us. Will things get worse or better? I honestly do not think I can answer that question now, or even in a long while. For now people need to follow the rules and find new ways to give gratitude.