Let Ventura Play: For and Against


Let Ventura play is a movement created by the athletic students of Ventura. Graphic by: Greta Pankratz

Let ventura play… seriously let us play

(For: by Savanna Nustad-Franzen)

A movement started by students at Ventura High School, “Let Ventura Play” is a movement much needed and the voices should be listened to. “Let Ventura Play” is all about getting our Ventura athletes back into motion, even in a pandemic.

Citizens from all over Ventura protesting on the corner of the Ventura Government Center. Photo by: Steve Ledesma

According to Max Preps, 34 states have let fall sports continue.. This is one of the reasons people support “Let Ventura Play.” Freshmen football and baseball player Dash Lopez supports ‘Let Ventura Play’ for this reason saying, “I support ‘Let Ventura Play’ because it has been proven in 20+ other states that reopening sports is safe.” Even when postponed, which happened just 5 weeks and then the seasons took place for all fall sports. Following COVID-19 guidelines, they effectively opened sports and according to Athletic Business, highschool sports have not spread COVID-19, meaning it would be safe and the people who support the movement are supporting a reasonable cause. 

It’s been almost a year in quarantine now and we haven’t had any sports, this is a problem and one that could be easily fixed. On top of that, sports could and is an outlet for people, especially kids right now. It’s a way we can take out our frustrations, as well as  something to entertain us other than our phones and T.V., because we all know we don’t need more time for that. Freshmen soccer player Isaiah Escamilla agrees, saying, “I want to get back into sports because it’s the only thing left that’s entertaining me.”

Let Ventura Play protesting on November 6th. Photo by: Steve Ledemsa

‘Let Ventura Play’ is the high school students at Ventura saying enough is enough, let us play. Seniors want to apply for sports scholarships but if there aren’t any seasons, that possibility goes away. Freshmen want to play sports so they could get introduced as student athletes and build connections. Sophomores and Juniorswant to play sports just to keep proving themselves and grow. ‘Let Ventura Play’ is letting people know that almost a year without sports is ridiculous, especially when it is affecting the players so much. They are losing the time to bond with teammates, they may even be losing some of the skills they’ve built because we can’t get it together to get it going, even knowing we could do it safely.

‘Let Ventura Play’ isn’t just another movement started by pesky kids who feel entitled. ‘Let Ventura Play’ is a movement saying we can do this, so lets do it. Supporting ‘Let Ventura Play’ is supporting getting the athletes back where they belong.

Protesters show their support for #letventuraplay. Photo by: Steve Ledemsa

Let Ventura Wait

(Against: by Caroline Marsden)

‘Let Ventura Play,’ a seemingly positive statement. However, when you look deeper into what the group is fighting for, it comes across selfish and tone deaf. 

‘Let Ventura Play’ is a group of student athletes (and their counterparts) who advocate to “get all the sports open in Ventura county so we can all play.” The group members seem to think that their activity is the most important one of them all, obviously if they are organizing rallies specifically for sports to open up. Do they not realize that humanity is in the depths of a pandemic (especially California with the current spikes)! The shutdown is obviously not ideal for anyone, but to go be a baby about public health officials making the safe community choice is quite frankly, annoying.

All high schoolers in the area are missing their favorite in person activity whether it

Parents showing their support for the LVP movement. Photo by: Steve Ledesma

be music, drama, art, ASB or yearbook.

Football players voice their opinions on November 6th. Photo by: Steve Ledemsa

Sports are not the only people affected, they need to get off their high horse, act like mature citizens and realize that the situation right now stinks. They are in no way unique to other students/activities or deserve anything more. Most of all they are not more important than public health and safety.

Doctors and nurses are fighting everyday for people’s lives and they are fighting to throw a ball around *eyeroll.* According to an LVP member, senior Sarah Thomas, Sports are voluntary, every family needs to decide what is best for their families.” They are absolutely right, sports are voluntary. Go into the park and train there or even zoom. Don’t get in big groups and risk public safety. I understand not having a season to compete and gain new stats is obviously frustrating, but it is the situation that we are in. If we can’t even go to school for basic  in-person education right now, what makes them think sports can?

Buena students also joined the protest to bring sports back. Photo by: Steve Ledemsa