Is lunch too short?


Why is it that Ventura High School students only get 30 minutes for lunch? How am I supposed to drive somewhere, eat a fulfilling meal and then come back to school and not be late to class.  

If I drive somewhere to get food, I don’t even have enough time to eat it, therefore I’m forced to eat it during sixth period. This takes up my class time and does not let me achieve my full potential. Not to mention, some teachers don’t even let you eat in class for this very reason.

Now this may seem stupid, but after sitting in my classes for up to six hours I need to regain my energy before my extracurriculars and sports practice. I know several students, like myself, who have activities after classes and wouldn’t have enough time to eat in between them and digest all of our food.

Italian exchange student, Mattia Tessio, doesn’t like lunch breaks here compared to Italy: “ You can’t do much because you have limited time and sometimes you are in a hurry and you can’t even eat,” Tessio said.

Tessio explained that in Italy, they have lunches that last up to an hour or two. In Italy, depending on the school, students will go to school until 12 and then go home and eat. Then, they come back to school around two or three and stay until four or five.

Why can’t we do that here? This would be a much better system. I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to start a petition against the school administration to make lunch longer!