Senior Ball: A squash to the frosh!


Samantha Franks and Gage Gregorchuk

This year, freshmen aren’t allowed to attend Senior Ball as they have in the previous years. This was a change decided upon by ASB, however, many students are curious as to why this rule was implemented.


Beeh said, “Honestly, freshmen just aren’t generally as mature as seniors. This dance isn’t really for them.” Photo by: Samantha Franks

When asked how and who was involved in deciding against having freshmen at Senior Ball this year, senior ASB member Caden Beeh said, “While taste testing the menu, Mrs. Scovell brought up whether or not it would be appropriate for freshmen to attend, and after voting on it the senior class decided no.”


Beeh added, “It’s a formal dance so we don’t want everyone going and getting their friends in, because nobody likes it when it’s sweaty.”

According to junior ASB member Sydney Votruba, “Seniors wanted a chance to have their own ‘freedom’ and time to have a formal get together without the younger kids. Most seniors enjoy just going to senior ball and hanging out with their groups, [so] seniors.”

When asked if there was any particular reason for implementing the rule this year as opposed to previous years Votruba stated, “It’s always been a thought. But this year, since homecoming was so bad, we decided to put our foot down and see if this makes a difference.”