The fire is contained, but is the blame?


Liliana Lara

During the first few weeks of the Thomas Fire communities came together to help each other in a time of crisis.

However, towards the end of the fire, some people began to seek a greater cause to the fire other than mother nature.

Investigations have recently directed the blame to water and electrical companies. More specifically, The Ventura Water Company and Southern California Edison. The Ventura Water Company is being accused of not supplying a sufficient amount of water to fire hydrants, thus limiting fire fighters ability to save structures from burning.

When a company employee, that does not wish to be named due to security reasons, was asked about the situation of the water supply, they stated that they were unable to discuss the situation due to orders from the company.

However, they did briefly explain by saying they were accused of “just not having enough water, but we had more than what we were supposed to.” The case is still under investigation.