Opinion: Is cheating “just one mistake?”


Infographic by: Avenlea Russian

Avenlea Russian

I understand that cheating has been around for an incredibly long time and is a temptation that many people fall into, but does it have to be that way? I mean people have the ability to end a relationship if they are not happy in it, so why don’t they?

Cheating happens more often than not for many different reasons, some being more complicated than others. However, if a person even thinks about cheating they should just be single, or be with the person they actually want to be with instead.

“Cheating is one of the most odious actions someone could do to someone they are suppose to care for. Although, it does make for realization, which can be for the

Infographic by: Avenlea Russian

greater good,” stated sophomore Anisa Zavala.   

In my opinion, people cheat because they want to be with their new love interest. If this is true, then they should break up with their current significant other as soon as possible, so they can be with the person they are meant to be with.  Better yet, people should just wait until they are single to start a romantic relationship with their new love interest.

Senior Chris Monroy said that it is “never right to cheat on someone” and that simply, “a text can make the difference.”

The people who cheat and intend to stay with their significant other should just do everyone a favor and remain single.

Sophomore Natalia Lopez commented, “Honestly, if you cheat, you don’t deserve a second chance. No matter what.”

I believe people can change and learn to forgive when forgiveness is due, but the idea that cheating can be “just one mistake” is false and ludicrous.

I mean seriously, there are so many steps someone must go through in order to cheat on another person. They must first develop feelings, whether they are lustful or romantic. Then they have to flirt with the person they are interested in to get that person to want them back. And on top of it all, the person they are interested in must be okay with the fact the person is taken, or they must be completely unaware that he or she has a significant other.

I mean think about it; every flirty text message could have never been sent, and every time plans were made they could have been cancelled.The person cheating has so many opportunities to stop what they are doing, or to change their mind. So no, it’s not just one big mistake, it is a series of many, many mistakes that one must live with.

In today’s day and age, people are exposed to cheating through media and celebrities, and although it is wrong, cheating has become normalized. According to Insider, Kevin Hart, Jay-Z, Bill Clinton and Marilyn Monroe are a few famous people that have all cheated on a significant other.