Opinion: Relationships, short and sweet


Illustration by: Samantha Franks

Samantha Franks

Illustration by: Samantha Franks

In my opinion, high school is the time for short-term relationships, rather than long-term relationships. Short-term relationships allow a person to get to know someone without involving themselves in something super serious. Long-term relationships can be overwhelming in high school, taking time away from school work, friends, etc.

Short-term relationships are a good way to meet new people and figure out what a person is looking for in a partner. Pursuing someone for a shorter period of time can allow a person to figure out what they like and don’t like, so they know what to look for and avoid in future relationships.

When asked about whether he thinks short-term or long-term relationships are better for high schoolers, junior Kirk Mellring said, “It really depends on the person, but overall I don’t think everyone in high school is mature enough to be in long-term relationships.”

Without a doubt, getting to know new people is enjoyable and interesting. Short-term relationships stay exciting for this reason, because people are constantly finding compatibility with someone new.

With short-term relationships, there’s no time to fall into a routine or build up resentment towards the other person. Students also don’t risk the chance of missing out on this important time in their life.