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Photo by: Trinity Taylor

PDA: kindly get a room

Trinity Taylor and Jessica Johnson March 17, 2019

Alright, we’re all for lovey-dovey stuff and “couple goals,” but if you’re going to get all kissy-kissy please, please don’t do it in the middle of a crowded hallway where literally everyone...

The health textbooks located in the library used to teach the health course. Photo by: Doug Sandford

VUSD students share their thoughts on participating in their own sexual education

Liliana Lara and Douglas Sandford March 2, 2019

For over 10 years now, Ventura High School’s Cougar Press has conducted an annual survey regarding sexual education and health for the students who attend VHS. In the Ventura Unified School District,...

The differences between healthy vs unhealthy relationships

The differences between healthy vs unhealthy relationships

Sarah Clench March 16, 2018

Junior Max Cohen stated, “I think that a healthy relationship has trust, communication and a little bit of luck.” According to The Hotline, in a healthy relationship each person feels supported and...

Seniors Aguilar, Brittle, and Valadez all using technology to communicate with others. Photo by: Paris Carmody

Opinion: Does it go down in the DMs?

Hailey Cox and Paris Carmody March 6, 2018

Social media can play a big role in relationships. Many Ventura High School students may use social media to show off their relationships in a positive way, but there can be a bad side to using social...

Illustration by: Samantha Franks

Opinion: Relationships, short and sweet

Samantha Franks March 2, 2018

In my opinion, high school is the time for short-term relationships, rather than long-term relationships. Short-term relationships allow a person to get to know someone without involving themselves...

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